Personal Adsense about his years of standing experience

do it for a long time, always feel that there is something in my heart, let me continue to insist that every day and night came, I have no regrets, because these are sad I grew up as a real webmaster. Now tell us, not what I have made brilliant achievements, I want to do for a station webmaster, can also talk about their own station process, which contains a small head of the bitterness, to borrow a central television program lines, tells the story of his own people here. "".

‘s motivation for doing web sites is dissatisfaction with the navigation network,

in the absence of contact with the site, always feel that the site is a high-tech, not the average person can do. When the Internet began, a friend introduced me to start using the first navigation website, that is hao123, after a period of time, think of the navigation website is good, but is not suitable for my needs, not because the website, so always want to have a website with their own favorites this is good, do not have to worry about is to do system I love to see the site missing, may at any time according to their own needs. Want to think, always feel that it is a distant and can not realize the dream.

in a chance, I know a network of friends, he told me that the construction site is very simple, only need to learn web programming can be done, then he taught me how to use the editing software to do ". So the production of the website began.

in order to achieve many years of dreams, I began to hand crafted web pages, and do the first web site is "universal navigation network."". According to the idea at that time, first apply for a small space and domain name, and then move to do the station, it does not cost much money. Based on this point of view, you have to do this manual navigation website, that is suitable for your own favorites.

Spring Festival vacation time, I stay at home every day, a web page, a web site. At first, you can only make a web page every day, and the speed is slow, two or more per day, so it lasts until the end of the spring festival.

after work, I show off to my colleagues (because they’re all rookies) and see if I can make a website out of my vacation time. My former colleagues stared at me with amazement, and they did not believe that I would be able to make a site in such a short time. When they open the "universal navigation nets", a familiar (then refer to the hao123 production) and unfamiliar sites appear in front of them, they don’t like to know me, look at me, and when I face to my "customers" as their home computer, then put forward a lot of advice to me, its purpose is only one, is to classify their love to look at the site better, so that they can find their own need for information retrieval.. Vanity swelled me up. My navigation station not only met my needs at that time, but also easily met their demands. So the universal navigation network became my colleague and <

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