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Shortly before

Pinterest has just raised $200 million yesterday afternoon, the rebate network also announced the acquisition of $20 million B round of financing, the news seems to make the domestic shopping guide website to see glimmers of hope? In China with the rapid development of e-commerce, online shopping become the trend of the times, consumer shopping habits gradually from the bottom line shopping gradually spread to online shopping. Changes in consumer shopping habits, but also gave birth to the electricity supplier shopping guide this intermediary business, you can think of electricity supplier shopping guide industry will be in a high-speed development stage, it seems that there are still so many hitherto unknown business opportunities.

, but some people think that shopping guide website is a huge electronic business platform accessories, commercial prospects are not clear. The author believes that "existence is reasonable", the continuous development of shopping guide website, indicating that this is the market demand, but want to survive in the fierce competition in the Chinese e-commerce market and stand out, not an easy task. Especially in Taobao’s shopping guide site of a series of banned, forcing like beautiful said,, fold 800 shopping guide website was forced to transition, shopping guide website how to obtain long-term development, have to be thought-provoking.

foreign shopping guide is still alive

we jumped out of China, you can see, in foreign countries, especially in the United States, there are still many live very nourishing shopping guide website, differentiation and integration with the subdivision of the group has become the basis for its survival.

Pinterest, I don’t say much about its popularity. The picture based social network, Pinterest, raised $200 million more recently, making the company’s valuation staggering $5 billion. According to SimilarWeb statistics, Pinterest users and traffic sources are mainly concentrated in the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain and other places, traffic universal leading social networking sites like Facebook or Etsy this kind of shopping website. For the current Pinterest, it wants to transform itself into a more visual search engine that will make Pinterest a shopping engine that can be searched online. Not only is Pinterest working on this problem, but it can also make a lot of money out of it.

, Google, shopping, PLA, we should not be strange. In October 2012, Google successfully switched its Google American product search to a new business model based on Google’s PLA Lising Ads (Product). PLA is an advertising showcase specifically for the retail industry. Through PLA, you can promote specific products near the Google search results, you can add product pictures, titles, prices, shops or enterprise name, etc.. The enhanced shopping search experience attracted a lot of praise when it was released in May, and businesses that put ads on top of it gained great success. In fact, to >

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