The optimization suggestion of website revision and reconstruction

website and website of each site and reconstruction is every webmaster necessary things, I often hear certain advertising use website, website reconstruction, and what is the website, website, website reconstruction? What is the operating points of the website reconstruction? I was revised to talk a little experience of the web site, reconstruction.

What is the revision of


            website revision means that after a period of time, the site will often find that some places do not do well enough to influence the user experience. In order to let users get better experience effect, the website retains the user, reduces the website to jump out the rate, must revise as soon as possible the website imperfect place to consummate. Such as the design of color, function of the user center, the error of individual pages link clear, and so on. This is the website operation after a period of time, why the website needs revision?.

What is the

site refactoring?

              website refactoring is better than website revision; dealing with website revision from a higher angle. Site reconstruction, in addition to the site revision on the template, function, but also contains the site from the basic web site, page structure, column planning and so on the details of optimization. Site reconstruction is more influential than website revision.

here, my website revision, website reconstruction of several website optimization suggestions:

first of all, the website restructuring should pay attention to retain the flow page. Through the analysis of statistical data from websites such as Baidu and Google search engine ranking good content page, the web page can not simply delete or change the address of the URL page, even the page content is not recommended to modify the code.

secondly, the website restructuring should pay attention to the website page URL, try not to change. The URL on the web page doesn’t recommend changes because it’s a hard and time to re search the search engines after the changes. The effectiveness of the web page URL will cause the site to generate a large number of error links a short time, affecting the overall weight of the site and search engines included and ranked.

finally, when the website changes the revision, must pay attention to uses the old edition website data to retain the transition new edition website data. After the release of the new version of the site, the old version of the site should be retained on the server for some time, and in the old version of the page should be appropriate to put new links and page links, so that PR weight transfer.

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