Multiple effects analysis of news releases issued by enterprises in news sources

chatted with a friend who worked on road repairs, using a high-tech material that would repair the pavement in 2 hours. He said to his boss, we sent the news on the Internet, publicity about it! The boss asked him what is the effect on the Internet news! He was speechless, because this work belongs to the highway pavement repair area, who can not easily get to live, though their company road repair agent is very good but, really, good reputation, get business, still need some public relations, "the news release on the Internet, like our traditional business, what is the effect?" he asked me.

"If you

, Sina, Sohu, enterprise products in such a large portal, and customers to talk about time in the future, is not available as a propaganda!" in fact, in the news source press releases have many kinds of effect, I think this is in their company, best friend eyes a light, then go back and talk about the boss said.


farewell friend, I was caught in the thinking, in the Internet plus era, many traditional companies are beginning to get involved in the Internet to promote themselves, issue press releases in the news source is an important way, but many companies seem to have some blindness, they even think I simple news release in the news source. The order came. We know that companies engaged in network promotion the ultimate goal is to see the benefits, but the benefit is not necessarily the increase in orders, that is the Lee Ji Gong anxious thoughts, however, many companies will say I want to see the effect, then, what is the effect of


looked at some relevant information and found that the effect was not good enough. Public comment network has such a data, according to consumer behavior, analysis of consumers from attention to shop consumption, every 10 times 1000 people exposure rate can bring 3 table gourmet consumers and two groups of leisure and entertainment consumers. And in the press release on the press release source determine the effect is not so obvious, even, according to business news release on the network to determine the effect will be quite different, whether the enterprise is the implementation of the plan, the final result is a world of difference. Then, the question comes, how to effectively analyze the effect,


, first of all, it should be clear that enterprises will release news releases in news sources. What are the benefits? I probably summed up, there are nine points:

1. generally on the news source sites are more well-known websites, the press release to such a web site, with a certain authority.

News release rate of

2. news source is relatively high.

3. rich companies resume". For example, the enterprise to customers in the introduction of the enterprise, can be said to certain large portals have reported the products of our company, as mentioned in the beginning of highway repair industry, because the business needs a strong public relations, so that brand awareness must improve


4. users are easy to find you

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