SNS social networking hot spot who is the final winner of the industry reshuffle

for China’s Internet companies, the winter of 2008 is certainly not as good as it was in previous years. In the face of the global financial storm, most rely on the venture capital life will face the plight of the SNS website


‘s social networking site, Facebook, was a real hit in the US presidential election in November 4th, but in the face of an unexpected financial crisis, websites that rely on venture capital to survive are at risk.

, according to U.S. media reports, in the U.S. presidential election, Facebook helped Obama successfully win over 2 million 500 thousand Internet users, for the defeated Republican opponent made distinctions won in battle Aenea mackay. Clearly, the image of SNS’s social networking site has gained overall promotion after the election. Even so, the value of Facebook in the minds of investors is still slippery. Latest data show that the market value of Facebook has fallen from $15 billion to $3 billion. In China, the copy Facebook model of the Datong class website, or King no longer.

industry insiders believe that the product characteristics of SNS website leisurefriends determines the user visits and pageviews are higher, because users need to frequently visit the site to understand the latest developments of friends, or pay attention to the change of small game. But the low browsing time reflects the lack of lasting appeal for users. The freshness of the plug-in is not sustainable, but only a few months later. Similarly, in tight days, venture capitalists are no longer "Crazy" for this simple, easy to copy business model, but they can’t hide it.

in the face of the risk of investment gradually alienated, SNS in the future can go far? Will it be like the rage of the blog model, in a flash, then began to wither.

financial turmoil accelerated industry reshuffle


global capital market has fallen into a severe crisis, and some observers believe the situation is even worse than in the dotcom bubble of 2001.

Beijing Zero2IPO in October 20th released "the third quarter of 2008 Chinese Venture Investment Research Report" shows that the quarter of the investment pattern of new changes and new features: investment in industry basic pattern has not changed at the same time, the number of investment cases and the amount of investment ratio was below 35%.

the above information by the United States famous venture investment research firm Dow Jones VentureSource approval, the Dow Jones data show that this year, venture capital funded company mergers and acquisitions, the pace of listing fell to its lowest level in 10 years, since the third quarter, the company only from IPO and M & A to raise $4 billion 570 million, 66% lower than last year over the same period.

for the SNS social networking sites that are still in infancy, such as

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