The construction of classified information website should be four arrows

recently read a lot about the classification of information network in station network, and view the publisher’s website, found that many webmaster did not persist, the site abandoned a few owners not only persist, but do very successful. This sparked my own interest in building a local information network. Although my website for a short time, but experience tells me that the classified information network at the beginning of the site to four arrows:

one, enrich the content for the first. Information network, information network, information is of course to the king, only a few local information classified information website, needless to say, no one will release information in the above, people do not even look, and a no information station, you let people see what ah. So at the beginning of the site, you have to enrich the content of the site, you can collect, and to be collected before the search engine is completed. And then insist on updating, at the beginning of the station, can only rely on the webmaster to add information. There are many sources of information, such as local TV subtitles, advertising, DM and so forth. I the most attention to the use of DM advertising, the general information in the log on it, in the hair to your hands, the Internet does not exist, you should seize this opportunity to add to their information station, become the original information.

two, simple and easy to use as the key. Say "easy to use", that is, the user to publish information on the operation procedures to be simple, but also practical. I have built up the local information port of Chengde ( by means of a few days’ observation and exploration. Publishing information does not require registration, but the background stores the IP addresses of the published information for all sorts of needs.

three, online promotion based. Personal site, if you can burn money, then do not have to say. Most are relatively tight hands of the webmaster, then you need to step up publicity on the line. Naturally there are many ways, to the BBS post, QQ publicity, etc. here, not one by one list, you know more than I do. I just want to focus on that point, I don’t know you are not used to the classification of information website is your website recruitment or advertising information, especially the local classifieds site, of course, the recruitment of information contact can be fake, or really can be, then when someone to contact you when you say, the quota is full. This is a wonderful way, not only to increase the site of the chain, more conducive to promotion.

four, offline publicity as a supplement. If you have enough money, then you can take offline publicity, and increase the intensity of the site’s promotion. You can roll the subtitles in your local TV station and advertise it. A few words will be easy, and it won’t cost too much. And then send flyers, in the bus, rental, posted ads and so on. These are conventional methods, no more nagging.

more than four points if you do, you will show his teeth and other advertising active site, don’t want to.

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