Where should find the original content of an enterprise website

we all know, website optimization in the final analysis is content and the chain of these two core, for enterprise website optimization, the construction of the chain is better said, but the content of the update but let a lot of people crazy. The enterprise website does not have a personal website and industry website flexible and wide, enterprise website content are influenced by their own special conditions, for example, the enterprise website cannot put on the news which star pornographic entertainment, so the source of updates has become a difficult problem. In fact, there are still many ways to move your mind and brain. Share my experience with updating the original content of the enterprise website:

first, the news of the enterprise itself. This is the most suitable for enterprise website content, but also the most direct and most easily access to information. Even if the dull enterprise, every day there will always be some things happen, such as important meetings, cultural activities carried out, a variety of rating, and so on. About the enterprise itself, there are many things that can be recorded and can be published. These news is both a good original content and a valuable resource to publicize the brand culture and enterprise concept of the enterprise.

second, news from the same industry. This is a rich source of content, we can go to the appropriate industry website for collection. Here to remember that collection of content can not be used directly, to make the appropriate pseudo original, the best natural integration into the enterprise’s own keywords, made anchor text, play the role of optimizing the chain.

third, emotional expression of employees. In the enterprise, each employee to their place of work will have a variety of experiences, we can build a staff emotional expression column, ask them to write to say, so as to obtain good original content sources, and can increase the customer’s emotional cognition.

fourth, product presentation and presentation. This can be said to be the most important role of the enterprise website, through the display of different products, so that customers choose. In general, the product is constantly updated, and enterprises are constantly introducing new products, and the release of these new products on the website has become a good original content.

fifth, technical articles. Such articles are certainly not optimized for people to write things out, only to the enterprise technology and product development to a certain degree of technical personnel can sort out. We can ask the technical department of the enterprise to sort out the excellent technology, which can be related to the technology of the enterprise and the related content of the product.

Through these suggestions,

believes that it is no longer difficult to update and maintain the content of the enterprise website. Of course, with a good source of content, but also to adhere to the update, SEO is a tiring job, only strong to the end is victory!


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