Win in detail Teach you to optimize your website

first of all we need to know exactly what the site optimization is a long thing, Pennsylvania network Mr.W tell you, we speak of the word site optimization is actually from the perspective of SEO for the framework and structure of the entire site do some modification, make him more conducive to the site’s ranking, but also some modifications, from other aspects of the site in the entire web site to the formal, concise, flow in the direction of development. The purpose of doing so is to make Baidu more convenient to include our website, so that our website in all the search results ranked better. However, this is not a very general regulation, but with a series of changes in detail, so that we have achieved the goal, which needs to focus on the following four aspects.

the first point, the whole site keywords layout


, English name keyword, we optimize the key, also is the customer to search content on the web, how will we site keywords do more front is our ultimate goal of SEO optimization. A great impact on this point is that we in the site of keywords to optimize the layout, common means to join the main keywords and popular keyword description, highlight the main keyword in the title, and also to join in the content related to certain vocabulary. How to properly select the required keywords is the first step for the optimization of all sin is also a key step in this method is in accordance with the above mentioned keywords to do a certain arrangement and layout, of course, the key words must be natural and smooth, and can not appear the same keywords in the same a page, at the same time to the Baidu optimization also note that Baidu now focus on the object of customer experience.

second, modify and optimize the entire framework of the site

all the operating principle of search engines are basically the same, using a technique called "software robot spider" on the Internet site crawling and analysis, to keep fresh, Baidu set the rules for judging valuable content included and the overall ranking, the user will provide relevant results search, so want to make their sites in the same site ranking will need more test, will adjust the structure of the site to help Baidu spiders crawl and crawl, remember, is not conducive to spider crawling any behavior will have a negative impact on the ranking of the site, only more compact structure mature, and more convenient programming can make Baidu spider crawling better, so we will this point as the site optimization points second Name.

third points, pay attention to the site’s internal design,

through the description of the above, we know that Baidu search result is actually his rules and content to the site spider crawling, and content is updated every day the results of the spider crawling website, and spider.

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