A woman DC22 days the first step on the success

, a girl outside IDC,

took 22 days to take the first step on the road to success,

April 8th, my boyfriend and I came to the city in this strange city, play a few days, you start looking for work, for a computer application specialty of course I want to find a job, and computer related! I have "nine Bo talent network".

see the Internet sales customer service, very interested in, so I can play on the phone, in April 20th to the "super Agel Ecommerce Ltd" candidates, the manager is very straightforward, I second days of formal induction ~ ~ ~

today is the 09 year in May 12th, is the twenty-second day I went to China, the day really fast. I remember clearly, I was 09 years in the April 21st official entry formalities for company, because the company is just emerging, there is no formal training or advanced process with the new, the heart is not the end, how to contact the customer? In fact, colleagues are boys. Not very well, basically the whole day is facing the computer, did not say a word. I’ve been looking at our company’s Web site all day, and it knows me, but I just don’t know it. Feel good tasteless, I almost think second days do not come to come home from work, the whole night didn’t sleep well, my mind in the struggle to earn, do or not do ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ to be honest, I have been very strong, I was also the first time for computer sales, mainly the production of absolutely ignorant of goods in Hunan before the Taobao store customer service, the simple. Can you not understand this, didn’t and customer talk, ask three I do not know, who will answer you ~ ~

on the second day, I was in a confused state of mind has come, I have been constantly inspired me. Keep on keeping on the morning, the manager came up to me and said about the price of what room, basically don’t understand, again in the afternoon came and asked what the problem was, what problems can be asked other colleagues, I was a symbolic nod, he doesn’t know me now is no problem "the problem", did not know that the problems come from.

I saw the product on my first day. I had a headache. I don’t want to see that page any more today. That doesn’t sit ah, so I went to see the Baidu IDC on the post, found "59" – yaton internet post reply, very detailed, I thought she must be very calendar harm, do not understand can ask her ah ~ ~! Don’t feel happy.

she added me too. She was also a new guy, a month earlier than I was, and she told me about his experiences,

just found out that I was really stupid, and I didn’t know how to study. My learning ability is not bad, and I learn computer portal, more quickly. At this time I believe a hundred times.

every day to see the product to understand not to mind taking the trouble, room, space, server, but also learn the advertisement in the Post Bar, forums, QQ group, a careless T out, then change the advertising plan, one asked "Hello! I’m super IDC >

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