A community O2O loser’s letter agriculture has been tortured to death

with the boom in the Internet over the past two years, many people have been poisoned by the internet. Various forms of Internet practitioners have sprung up. In addition to online shopping, micro retailers and other retail transformation of traditional retail purposes, there are other forms of O2O. This is a community O2O witness letter, plain text, but the content is true, without any exaggeration ingredients, the difficulties encountered and lead to failure, is almost doomed.


even my three – line city, there are many people spotted the O2O cake. Some of the group buying website transformation, and some traditional large dealers. Operators of small brands are countless.

personal feeling, O2O’s replicability is relatively low, because each city’s situation has certain discrepancy, but also has many to Internet Co’s dirty and tired work, moreover is burning money very much. This leads to slow expansion and no template for ever and ever.

, don’t look for property companies to do O2O, they are subversive

our company was early in the community with the property as the main object of cooperation O2O. With the property gradually in-depth process, I found the difficulty of cooperation with the property is great.

to what extent? In our small city, some buildings on several buildings, yes, at least two on the property. A few steps away is another developer. This led to many areas within a kilometer range of more than 10 developers, many developers also like their own property, so there are more than a dozen properties. And these property managers draw a larger age, you talk to him, you can subvert your view of life. So our company pushed the people to come back every day that speechless.

in addition, and property cooperation, there are many other difficulties. Basically, most of the property and the owners of the relationship is very poor, it is said that the majority of the country is like this, the property industry itself is actually not high profits, the operation has not been fashionable at first, so earn money. So it has led to a decline in the overall level of employment. And the property has a lot of things related to the owners experience, and then we gave up and property cooperation. Although we failed, but still hope that an expert can use the Internet to build the property industry.

(comment: joint property companies do O2O, not reliable, unless this is their initiative, or in a revolutionary way to change the way property companies exist. More hateful is the name of the individual to protect the owners of the property company, interference on O2O and into the community to express, not to allow vehicles to enter, it is retroaction.


later, we abandoned the property, chose to face consumers directly, printed thousands of single page sent out, the transaction amount in two figures. Here, there are still a little episode, our land in a number of property before we see the property to help send the publicity page, that is, spent money to ask people, they did not

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