After 80 Mao Mao Gao Li media shaping us misled the young people

Li Xiang, Mao Kankan, Dai Zhikang, high. This is not only the name of the four boys, but also at least with the following unspoken lines: "80", "entrepreneurial elite", "IT four less", "wealth upstart."". In 2006 the first reported their four financial magazine, reported in October 2008, came to the conclusion: "Dai Zhikang, Li Xiang, Mao Kankan, high, four 80 cutting-edge Internet" collective disappear. "."

in fact, show less, but work and life continues. They are still young, and the 2008 financial tsunami was the first test they had ever experienced. Were they struggling, or were they still full of confidence,


"youth weekend" looks for the "Four Musketeers" who have been growing for nearly 3 years. What did they gain?


"we are not afraid of crisis",

Mao Kankan: the crisis is there, but I’m looking for another way to earn money,

(Mao Kankan, born in 1983, from Beijing. Junior high school diploma, 2004 official business. Self created MaJoy project — the contraction of magic and joy. He did not invest a penny, only by creativity and ideas, get state-owned investment, obtain annual income of 1 billion 500 million yuan of large projects, nearly 20% of the shares.


Mao Kankan’s office is close to the army compound where he lived. It was Christmas Eve, and when the interview was drawing to a close, Mao Kankan received a phone call from his girlfriend urging him to go home for dinner. "There are ten minutes, while I go back to cooking, put the dishes to wash it!" Mao Kankan was careless with his girlfriend, suddenly whispered speech. Christmas Eve cooking at home, eating in the last year, it seems a bit inconceivable.

"last year, more than a month before Christmas Eve, I had to go to a familiar nightclub owner to grab Christmas seats, or I wouldn’t be able to make it.". But this year, a few days ago, he called to ask me whether I made a reservation or not." Mao Kankan says.

this "signal" let Mao Kankan really feel that the legendary financial crisis to his side. Seen before the collapse of Lehman brothers, the news on the Internet, he felt China reaction is always slow.

in the Four Musketeers, Mao Kankan is the most able to play. But recently, the frequency of going to nightclubs has obviously declined. "It’s not that you have no money to play, but you don’t want to play in a deserted place.". After all, the financial crisis, "


Mao Kankan’s main job is to get people to spend money to play. His identity is MaJoy (president of the company, the era of MJ) do, is the network game’s plot into real, different roles played by people, online games and attractive props and changing scene can be provided by computer.


financial crisis did have some impact on his company’s operations.

, "yesterday sales told me that some of the lists are not available at the moment, such as companies like PHILPS,"

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