To participate in Baidu’s economic recovery period marketing strategy exchange will feel

the afternoon went to Baidu’s "economic recovery marketing strategy" seminar held in Shenzhen, the Kempinski Hotel, participants about more than 300 people, a warm atmosphere! Baidu invited lecturer Wang Penghui to give a lecture today, communication is to learn some things, specifically summarized as follows:


1, for enterprise website design: a very important point is to gain credibility, some industry site will take the rank of the industry standard directly on their website, some of the jewelry company’s website also made directly to the qualification in the most conspicuous place, this is because the Internet due to its particularity and when buying products in the customers will have concerns, there are concerns about the quality of site safety and product, so we must instill in the first impression, our station is very cattle, the quality of our products is very good, this is a qualification certificate.

for my own business, in three years of wind Rhine River Forum (, BBS of Hohai University, we have a certain lack of credibility, because it is the folk forum, so did not dare to play, but the lack of the necessary publicity, the site will be stuck in a loop! How to increase your credibility, I still want to start from two, one is we have selected Baidu as the first entry of the Hohai University, recommended by the Forum; another is our forum in 2009 the first 6 Universities Forum recommended one of the BBS alliance China University annual meeting of the Standing Committee of owners, but also in East China, although we do have a lot of good forum. If the objective ranking of words, we will not enter the top six, but since the organizing committee arranged so I think, can be used as to enhance public trust A way of force; believing that it works.

2, playing cards: differences for the owners concerned, a lot of people in this line of business for many years, but it is also for this reason very thorough, but really to think about, I think it is not too much, because if you want to find a difference, we must do a detailed market research. This includes many aspects such as: Market Research on the competition website research, research on the audience of Internet users, research on customer requirements, it is easy to say it’s hard to do, but to do more suffering. So I think this is a two pronged: difference analysis + action = half the success! I think he is a successful webmaster, at least in the energy distribution is too scattered, not form a penetration, nor the formation of long-term mechanism, so now although has done three years of the station that is still a very ordinary webmaster. However, because of their professional advantages, there are also some contacts here, if coupled with their own hard work, coupled with their own long-term action, do not believe that even if the industry first, but at least five can always go into, I believe everyone will have confidence in this ox is doomed to struggle hard year.

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