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in the past year, the recruitment industry is changing. 51job, Zhaopin these form of the internet recruiting is an Internet company in the eyes of the "traditional recruitment website", and at the same time, from the Internet startups are from open up new opportunities. Whether it is the service headhunter headhunting network, Internet hunting, or to replace the search, push pull hook net net, the Internet in different ways to try to recruit the industry update.

vertical online recruitment is one of them, which is perpendicular to the entire Internet industry, push pull hook net net, have gradually focused on Internet start-ups, even within the subdivision position employed network, fast. Most of their logic is similar: vertical in the Internet industry segments, and then use relatively fine services to enhance product value added, the purpose is to replace the low-end industry located in the position of headhunters.


online line in May 2013, but also the vertical recruitment site of a rapid development in. From the Internet to the Internet, by the end of June, the number of resume pull hook online pass reached about 250 thousand, while the total delivery volume is close to 3 million. Entrepreneur recently interviewed the network Chairman Xu just chatted, vertical recruitment in his heart.

three months of "Internet version of linkedIn"

has a lot of the network was born and 3W coffee. 3W coffee, which opened in 2011, is positioning itself as an online gathering place for Internet users, as its slogan says, "this is the Internet."". In the circle, there is gathering, there will be natural flow. As the floating population grew larger, several people began to think about hiring.

with the same type as the network, vertical recruitment website also mostly launched in 2013, Xu just attributes that to the industry the opportunity: after the scale of development of the industry itself has reached a certain level, based on the breakdown of the industry related services will gradually improve. In the Internet industry as an example, in the 3W Cafe operating for more than three years, the emerging Internet Co and the number of employees is increasing rapidly, thus the emergence of vertical recruitment opportunities: first, there have been so many people here.

because of the relationship with the circle, in the beginning, Xu and the team want to do is "Internet industry linkedIn"". In February 2013, the first edition of the pull hook online line, the founding team thought, this is just a process of transfer line to line, but soon, they found that do not.

3 months after

‘s operation, the team found that users were growing slowly and the content was basically empty. I would like to summarize the reasons and feel that it is still related to China’s local culture. On the one hand, in the country, people’s work related exchanges are more or less focused on the Internet

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