1 and a half years of elaborate websites looking for partners

in October 2006 in his spare time, made a website, http://s.antpp.com (ant climbing), the first public appearance.

my site is officially started in October 2006, this site, basically also belongs to my only one station. Middle ups and downs. In retrospect is more thrilling,.

1 server, because the server problem, my site was interrupted for more than 1 months. It is rented a Hunan IDC (not named) server, a 700 month that, well, to want to vomit blood. Later, when the test soon started can 1 months later completely inaccessible. (when I go to Beijing Telecom with a computer technology chat that, a few days ago when the test is exclusive to test, basically is the unwritten rules.) said behind what reason to say the replacement of IP, a replacement of IP completely cross…

is really a fire, fire did not place. Because there are a large number of data. They also have to find technology TM reservation, which is estimated to technology of a network management of Internet cafes part-time IDC room.

in the middle of 22007 close to more than 10 thousand IP, the 07 year in October because of the site overall revision, in addition to the forum, basically 80% website URL address are invalid. Baidu fell from a hundred thousand to several thousand included. The traffic is so long that it’s hovering around 5-6000IP, and that’s basically not a few people from Baidu. Be a station friend, bloody lesson. Never change your URL address in a big area.

now, it’s all over,.

personal webmaster bitterness, really only webmaster can experience. Those who see site every day, after a while to see the statistics of the day, I have experienced, and even dreamed of IP inflation. Ha ha ha,.

from completely do not understand to the present little knowledge. Summary briefly, to the people who do not understand at present, take less detours,.

1, servers and bandwidth. Websites like their children, providing good growth space, will make it better for.

so far, I have invested more than 4W. in server and bandwidth. Maybe a lot of people say I have money, but otherwise, I’m not a one-time investment.

in addition, the large amount of money investment can let me wholeheartedly investment, you spend 100 to buy a space to do the station and spend 10000, buy a server to do stand mentality is certainly not the same.

2, domain name, individual has always believed that a good domain name is not the key to success, the key lies in the site itself.

now you close your eyes, you can remember how many domains? Mainly favorites. Well, at least I am a good memory, people may not.<>

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