Talking about several elements of exchanging friendship links

exchange links in most people’s eyes is a very simple thing, before I did this job, I think so. Until the beginning of contact with this work, it was found that the seemingly simple link is a big knowledge in it.

take me for example, this time to do this new station links, let me very worried. New sites want to develop good, it must have two or three high quality links, of course, the daily update pseudo original article is also essential. But I would like to focus here on the exchange of links, what should pay attention to?.

a good link needs several qualifications: first, the correlation is high. The higher the correlation, the greater the benefits to the site. The second point is the quality of the site. This needs from the website article, the page quality, the flow and so on the comprehensive inspection, found a high quality website, can let own website better development. The third point is not included, how high requirements included, but must be normal, like the PR station, haven’t included one hundred, the station will not be called a good standing, there are always be the risk of K, and it will be a great risk of exchange links. The fourth snapshot, which is a very important point, would like to see a website is not favored by Baidu, look at its snapshot can see. Baidu spider if you think the information in your website is valuable, basically every day will visit your web site, included your article, your snapshot is naturally updated every day.

in the diabetes network link, before doing suddenly appeared problems, Baidu included slow, snapshot is not updated, want to exchange links is very troublesome. At that time every day looking forward to a snapshot update, Baidu update on the day of the excitement, but the result is always disappointing. Fortunately, there are still some webmaster about my station, this station is on fire, a good Links, except by Links, we also began to replace the keyword to change it can be said that the website from scratch, many aspects of the credit right, the station now included more than doubled, the snapshot is finally updated, this station has finally become the high quality of the station is worthy of the name.

also noted that the exchange Links is patient, should be judged according to the actual situation of the site, you know, the chain number is too much will be punished. Like my, once because of the number of the chain is too much and affect Baidu, Google included, but after improvement, already in slowly to improve. Friends need to remember that what is needed today is high-quality links, not high volumes of links.


before meeting to exchange link friends, even don’t think to develop their own site because of the chain is too small, too small to Links website is detrimental to the development of the chain is too small that high quality, not casually make a link to their own.

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