n the enterprise website design layout TABLE and DV who has more advantages

in the enterprise website construction, website design layout is more important point, and use what code is more successful site optimization step. TABLE and DIV are the most commonly used two kinds of code in designing and layout of many websites, but with the maturity of website construction and enterprise technology, more and more websites have been distributed with DIV. Then the TABLE in the enterprise website design layout and DIV which has more advantages? The following network to star talk about some of their own views.

opens the web site with the DIV layout faster than TABLE,

, regardless of the user or search engine, are more valued website user experience, and the site playing speed is slow, but it directly affects the user’s first impression of the site. If a web site opens to use more than ten seconds, then the user who enters this website won’t believe a lot.

in the enterprise website construction design, page layout with DIV, so do not let the website page file is lighter, and the speed of opening there will be a qualitative improvement, while enhancing the user experience also let the enterprise website image has been effectively improved.

uses DIV to design page styles that are more convenient than TABLE

because when using DIV to modify the style of the web page, you only need to change in the CSS style file, do not move the code in the page file. While TABLE is not the same, although it is in the adjustment of style can also be achieved by modifying the style sheets, but if it is necessary to adjust the spacing or spacing that is a headache, because in the CSS style sheet did not change, only in the TABLE TR or the TD property.

uses DIV to do page modules, porting more succinctly than TABLE,

with the website construction technology upgrade and improve, many enterprises have begun to plan to use modular in the website, because the technology is not only to enhance the integration of the construction site, at the same time in the management and maintenance of website is also a lot of convenience. And now that the site’s modular pages are nested in DIV, TALBE has been phased out by web designers.

is the integration of key modules in the templates, DIV is a layer of a layer of nesting, their integration and links are more common, but TABEL is not the same, because it contains a large local space, transplantation cannot alone on each label or code operation.

from the above three points is not difficult to see that, in the design of enterprise website construction, layout tags are more and more loyal to DIV, it can be said not long before, in the website design TABLE will slowly fade from the area. These not only indicate that in the future website construction technology, DIV in the layout of the site will also enhance the status, but also reflects the acceleration in this industry technology is also a normal upgrade. >

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