China SNS decline after crazy powerless

something has become a joke. A few days ago to attend a banquet, a friend mentioned happy net, said this was to call him last year, said a sales person can make a 1000W, this guy was said, I feel shy, ability is not enough. Actually, SNS from the second half of last year began to decline will be highlighted, to the first half of this year is more obvious, until now, for several months, there have been bad news SNS legend, 360 ring, ant net, Cyworld and other well-known SNS have been closed down, or in the collapse., happy net, classmate net SNS half-dead there, dark horse coming out in 08 years, happy net became become fashionable for a time NO1, but now the flow has already dropped to 100 place. Although the IT circles that happy net in the second city in the development of the user, but is powerless.

in February, I visited a game for the SNS website of the company, the company in a crowded office, I asked them whether consider making social plug-ins, they told me that you have considered, but recently will not do, after all for a game company, it is more important as soon as possible to earn money. And they tell me, they are the first to earn money SNS games, and collected tens of millions more, not only for QQ, happy net and other partners to develop games, even games provide products for Facebook and famous SNS Germany, Russia, and they are now going to the company moved to more spacious style office.

if you take a little attention, it’s easy to find many problems. First, Chinese venture to quickly earn money for the purpose; second, Chinese entrepreneurs generally have Xiaofujian mentality; third, Chinese business basically earn money to be thinking about enjoyment; fourth, entrepreneurs earn money that are doing is right, no need to expand.

is precisely because of this, China SNS, copy back from overseas, not to think carefully what is SNS, and how to do, the application can create the front line with its characteristic value, do not want to think about this application can bring what social value. They invest in SNS, is actually more like a gamble, bet, and then quietly waiting for money. And this attitude spawned aggressive expansion, no product eco packaging, frenzied speculation, stampede in counterfeit and so on chaos, thus making a false prosperity.

happy to network as an example, the SNS package into social gaming platform to catharsis; Thousand Oaks, for example, registered second happy net, and there is no line of business logic and to enter the group purchase, false bad data speculation to large and small sites; for example, it seems that the SNS type of Web site or application in China network should be more than ten thousand.

, the most noteworthy of all, is social gaming. Social game, the most reflects the industry mentality. Start with happy nets 001, and find deals

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