Share P100 classification information new station earned 2000 yuan monthly experience

‘s Web site is just as fast as the growth rate of Chinese babies, so that the threshold and the operation of the site become a growing contrast, which requires the webmaster to work hard like cattle. Come back to me again, I graduated in 2001, just to the community I am engaged in the electronic industry of home appliances and hardware maintenance work, from 2001 to 2003 during the electronic appliance repair industry profits can still, I have confidence in this line, but I gradually found the electronic hardware prices dropped lower and lower, due to the rapid the price of home appliances and other goods, which engaged in the hardware industry is more and more difficult to do, where is my way.

says 2005. Remember, it was the first snow in 2005, and later than the exchanges, the price of household electrical appliances was getting lower and lower, and the profit of the maintenance industry became less and less. Like the winter snow, cold cold heart like postscript, decide on what path to follow in that winter! A clothing friend bad computer, call me over to fix it, look at the past is bad, GHOST about it, a few minutes to fix, the friend is very happy and very warm at night stay for dinner, until I am also a person, drink two cups with me, I am very readily agreed to, several men sitting together drinking beer all feel good, believe you have.

friends said that two people drink no more, I know a friend living in the vicinity of the site and let him come to us, I said okay, so three different sectors of the people to sit together and talk about your occupation experience, talk about his experience on the occupation, occupation experience, I talk about society. Economy.

This is the first

do I know a friend, he is doing the classification of information, that night he also said a lot of ideas of the website operation, I was as a people outside the industry to do not know too much but I am very interested in. So then I would often go to his website to send some of their business information, a few days after the customer calls, customer is looking over to see from the information website, then I have a re definition of network network! The market is too high, and the future will be more and more. In this case, I seem to have a glimmer of dawn, why not make a station for yourself, not for other, for their own repair business to do a well worth it!


it’s been more than a month now. I’ve applied for a domain name, which is called Shandong information network. I’m glad to have my own website, from domain name to source code, from HTML to ASP, have learned a few, the website officially began. First, the collection of information, beginning in the excitement period, one day 7, 8 small time in the acquisition of information, do not know tired, this is the charm of interest, a few days after the acquisition also decreased interest every day dozens of pieces of information, gradually information about it, not to manage. Just fine, every night will come back to look back, to see if there is no illegal information, the other not junk information management.

, I’ll be in about 8 days

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