Make a single page website to make money must choose the right wordHow to do to maximize the benefi

in addition to doing Taobao customers is also, if a single page is doing that kind of selling a thing, you earn a few dollars Commission products, then your income is difficult to rise, unless you single page flow. My single page, the daily IP less than 30, but the next day there are single, each single more than 20 pieces, a month down, there are hundreds of, or good, because the competition is small. Now a lot of people do lose weight class, while this type of words High Commission, GGAD is also high, but the competition is big, the general lack of time, insufficient resources of friends, or not to join in the fun, find a little product, earn pocket money is also good.

make money!

the second step is to sort out these goods. Release to where to take, open a shop with each other exactly the same shop, and then do the same classification, put the same goods, but the only point is that the price is lower than him. Specifically, how much to take? This to own control, 10%, 20% can be, as long as do not disturb the order of the market on the line ~· ~

no goods? Oh, don’t worry, you are connected by Taobao customers, the direct purchase of the store goods, and then make it more than 30% of the profits! And save a courier all procedures, direct and clear, convenient

finally, I wish you a happy new year, good luck in everything! I also remember the Olympic Station, www.58task to see it, and make the flow of advertising alliance click, is to do a little advertising, don’t be a stranger.

brother recently began to fight in the weight loss type of website, and the way to profit is to do expensive GGAD and Taobao customers, the process will be relatively long, but once done, income must be possible. The United States and America green slimming network is my new station, on-line two days, shlf1314 has been included, intends to profit after six months. Finally, to introduce a key word: psoriasis treatment, do up, thousands of pieces, casually take, but there is a certain degree of competition. Thank you for your support, and in a few days I’ll share some of my experiences with SEO and sh419 Encyclopedia entries. What’s the problem with my Q>?

today, it’s a bit crazy and a bit of a bad way.

later read a lot of people, write a single page to make money, do Taobao customers, do expensive GGAD, and then hard advertising, the heart is ready, under the line did 5 stations, what types have. However, due to the relationship between time, some stations optimization is not good, so far has not come up.

first of all, where are the potential customers? The Taobao group has a lot of friends talking about it. For example, to group, blog post, BBS mass, write soft Wen, do Taobao guest website, etc, all good. But there is also a problem that exposes these methods that are too common, and each method has a large number of people competing and operating. Therefore, the average novice, it is difficult to set foot in. Also caused some people to say, Taobao customers do not make money reasons.

well, get to the point.

Hello, recently also good luck, Taobao off out of a single, GGAD rose, also pulled hundreds of pieces of advertising, quite happy, so come and share my Wangzhuan experience.

actually, I’ve made 10 single pages, and some of them have traffic, but they don’t receive any money. Why? Because GGAD is not clicked. The page traffic is more than 300 IP per day. How much do you guess the click rate? 1% less. See, this page to how much money? So do single page to make GGAD, must choose to click on the high rate of trade off a little relationship between words, such as beauty, makeup, weight etc.. Words are not easy to find, but they are right. Your rent comes back every month.

ha ha, these days written articles by K dropped a lot, the state is not very good. Things too much, so the thread is a bit confused, written out may be a mess, you boss forgive me.

now give me money is two single page, one do GGAD, one do Taobao guest, every month hundreds of thousands of income, for many experts, of course, just small CASE. The younger brother here just share my feelings, that is: make a single page to make money, whether you are doing high GGAD, or do Taobao customers, must choose the right word!

hee hee, I am a little small proposal, do not flood Austria, otherwise Taobao shopkeeper is not easy, drop ~~


the first step is to select those items that will give you high profits around 50%-30%, and pay attention to the type you are good at. For example, clothing, watches and so on, the key is that you can operate up, in addition to the relatively high profits of those goods, shops on it.

my Wangzhuan experience is very short, also not rich. I started from 09 in September officially do the station, because it is to do SEO’s sake, that station optimization is good, and now also can earn hundreds of dollars a month, mainly to do GGAD.

OK, and then send the goods crazy, and so on to a certain amount, and slowly also some people visit your shop. So someone buys your goods.

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