Yiqifa DHC CPA activities will be 30 this month offGuo Jie see the network classified information ne

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   ;     DHC CPA activities will be on the 30 day of the month off the assembly line, settlement work will be completed about one week after the assembly line. Thank you for more than a year of Yiqifa alliance DHC CPA activities support, please pay close attention to the CPS DHC cooperation with Yiqifa alliance.

      1000vc blood transfusion relying on renren again closed, two degrees for renren opened, Chen Yizhou has high hopes, personnel, publicity, funds have strong support, although the back after 10 million VC, but the status quo Zennai the classified information is the bubble Chen Yizhou, and then led to a two degree renren opened only lasted more than half a year.

    10 million VC to classification information renren, but when the VC 10 million dropped to a certain extent, there is still no income profit model, 1000 oak renren’s parent company immediately withdraw, withdraw faster than anyone else.

    the elite must have grassroots; for grass roots, for the grass roots operation classified information network, the 10 million VC is a far fetched digital concept. Without VC transfusion, the classified information network must be able to survive and develop and compromise with reality,

    target market, intensive and meticulous farming:

    individual grassroots resources human resources are very limited, so the market can not always be greedy big, with precise guidance, focusing on a small and concentrated point to force 10 million cases with renren to fight for the national market, frustrated is typical. At the same time, do not overestimate the Internet awareness of the crowd Internet users, the current Internet is still entertainment based, supplemented by life. Despite all this will slowly change, but this change is relatively long, at least VC beyond the psychological expectations, so I hope you have the classification VC and pull together in times of trouble is not realistic to drop this brilliant ~ ~ want to borrow VC force fighting the idea of the market, it is the standard of speculation. At the same time to borrow money in stocks, but entrepreneurship taboo.

    grassroots information sites, vegetables, not land, your resources are limited, you can only cultivate their own yard in a vegetable plot, do not imagine the entire field can make a difference. With every piece of land are of no avail as a little water, pour a piece of land, the irrigated.

    first do the side, first familiar. Separate regime, the arrogance of the world, a good choice is the limited resources of the entrepreneur.

    compression costs; cost savings:

    Thousand Oaks cast around 10 million for everyone, but only for more than half a year


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