Startups please be more focusedShop promotion methods summarized sixty one

4, moderator League Promotion Law: this method is suitable for BBS community online shop promotion. It is the first to add some moderators alliance, as the banner of moderators alliance is good, the forum some wonderful content submitted every day, waiting to be associated channel hired, once hired, it will bring you a lot of IP. I most of the time is two days to the shop to IP on 3W many.

3., pay attention too. Don’t see what the money will play what.

2 platform is also one of the company’s products. Do PC end, replacement mall, join agent platform, but also to do mobile terminal, including WeChat payment, mobile web pages and so on. In itself, these are the focus, are not to give up, but things should be in order, but also to distinguish between primary and secondary, first focus on what platform to do, such as the completion of this platform to develop another one. Don’t be responsible for 2 platforms or more at the same time. Concentration will make you more efficient.

5, respond to the Promotion Law: in fact, this method I don’t know what’s the name, its limitation is very small, as far as I know, only use mop hodgepodge, will call back top. This is the way I discovered by accident, is found when looking at the shop IP antecedents, found a post that has more than 200 IP from mop, but I know we didn’t go there had promotion posts, so I feel a bit strange, went to see the post, found someone put a link to our shop, and answer wrong, so it brings us more than 200 IP. later I went to and often in mop mixed online chat, that can be called a "moon symbol" props to the reply. Moderators are not allowed

2. has to be focused on the way it operates.


operating channels should focus on, do not suddenly be their own independent mall, Jingdong mall is, and suddenly Jingdong. What is more, but also add the line of business, foreign trade business, channels are not dedicated,…… not only the staff can not focus on one thing, more representative of each channel to get resources will be dispersed, will not do

where do you want to focus:

in the face of increasingly intense competition, the survival of the shop, the shop flow is the past few days I’ve been struggling to think of the problem, after careful search, after consulting numerous shop predecessors, finally summed up the online promotion methods of most of the history here and share with everyone, I hope you top from the post, give more confused sellers in some help!!!

event description:

start-up companies, entrepreneurial stage, all things, including the team, business models, operations,… Are in the stage of exploration and exploration.

actually, this is a common problem for many companies


1 product design does not have a lot of attention, such as product design, copywriting can focus corresponding to a potential crowd, but the wider population, this could be the result of a potential crowd are done; the product design does not focus on behalf of the product design, the overall picture can not copy, detailed and careful planning and the design result is to greatly reduce the conversion rate of the product purchase.

at this stage, start-up companies can not avoid detours, inevitably fail, how to minimize these detours, I believe that there is no lack of concentration.

1. focus on products.

3, the favorites Promotion Law: some wonderful content pages to add to the bookmarks, sh419 search, YAHOO collection, let love these users to read, collection.

2, SNS shop API Cooperation Promotion Law: if you or the following employees have a certain technical strength, you can develop some of their own online products related to small plug-ins, plug into the school, plug into the country. As long as there are open API SNS shop to plug in. Now many online stores are doing so, go to school to see what open applications, many are provided by some small online shop, and above all more or less hang their own shop advertising. And the earlier the better the market, many SNS shop is only beginning to try to develop API, the requirements of the audit is not particularly strict. And so on, after doing more shop, and want to plug into the SNS shop, it is difficult.


1, SNS shop soft text Promotion Law: now SNS type of shop is very popular, go to SNS shop, mainly to several popular SNS shop, targeted with hundreds of thousands of users. Then select the appropriate soft text, and reasonable links to the internet shop links, published to their own log. Let some of your friends share, so that many people are concerned about your article, pay attention to your online shop.


Peng Jinjie is now working for a start-up company for several months, and the project has made little progress. What is the reason for this: no concentration, no core of his own?. Start-up companies, the initial team is certainly not large, if not focused, and everything involved, it means that each thing can not put enough energy, resources and time.

doesn’t say much. Let’s begin with

channel promotion method, method, channel promotion concentrate; affirmed the means to pay, whether it is money, energy, time, manpower, material, promotion…… if too many one-time investment promotion channels, then represent each marketing channel get less support, the final result is not to promote slow progress. Is the promotion channel died, promotion effect is scanty, no promotion will not have interest.


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