Zhang Yue talk about entrepreneurship man is not the capital resourcesHow to manage online shop to

day four, moon, each has its beauty! Entrepreneurial charm lies in you than others can fully experience more thorough scenery. You need to go through the early spring venture "born" is difficult, like hot summer experience, a dangerous situation and various stimulation, when you finally start to enjoy the autumn harvest, you have high walls, wide grain, began to experience the beauty of "winter". The seasons are beautiful, you don’t have to enjoy the pleasure of entrepreneurship, these fundamental

many people may thus be discouraged, but this is not a simple thing, just be rendered looks very simple, but often in the newspapers and magazines to see many successful cases, but to return to the origin of thinking, what you know is called Internet Marketing? In other words, you know how to let people see your online store? Do you know this is a completely different concept to open a physical store?


I think the ancient overhaul, Dade: not in office, not in the mountains, but in the high temple, bustle! They can on the upper, left to right, like a jump in the ROC, the winds, turn bad into good taste good, but can all the myriads of changes.

entrepreneurs should have a dream, and always defend, you can live! It is hard to imagine a big 13, the average age was 27, with a frail scholar, others think impossible "communism" dream, with millet + rifle way diligently strive after less than 30 years, created a great big china.

enterprise is a kind of practice:

in China do things "credibility first"

you can create some blog to promote your products, can also go to the many blog message comment to guide potential customers, but only if this approach looks relatively passive, because with the open flash gun fight bird, perhaps lucky hit.

I have always firmly believe that entrepreneurship is a philosophy, it is not scientific, can not be quantified! The writer does not believe any of the success, also do not believe that any successful experience. Time has changed, the environment has changed, people have changed, the product has changed, the so-called experience is likely to make people go astray, Zoupian Jian feng.

entrepreneurship is a way of life, is also a kind of mentality: you should always challenge yourself, you deny yourself, but to create a miracle, to win all the people thought impossible to get it done in the fastest time. You need all rivers run into sea, you need to empty cup mentality, you need three, you need the ability to learn quickly………

company in recent years, the world changes, deeply feel that life is short, can really do it for decades time. The only business, in order to make our life a worthwhile trip without regret. I always believe that adhere to the bottom line in life, dream, and start and end to defend brings me happiness beyond any temptation. Because I found more and more business is a kind of practice:


can say this, you do not do business in the Internet, although the Internet appears to be able to put your things to sell to distant places but also to a lot of people, but in the vast expanse of the sea, you can only floating and drift, this seemingly low cost, the majority of the market in the market, you are likely to even a customer can’t catch…

entity shop is the most important "location", because there is a good place to have a chance to let people crowd into money, with this point of view to think how to promote the popularity of online stores, network called "location", but it can be search engine and some well-known popular website blog, the popular guide here, and this is the essence of the Internet marketing…

at the end of 2013, a smart hardware industry is regarded as the "godfather of entrepreneurship Haichun shoes let me write this year PICOOC in intelligent hardware industry business summary and sentiment, suffer from do hardware is really very bitter, really busy. New year’s day hiding in the office after a thousand meditation, streams began to churn, think of some rewriting "retreat" of dry cargo.

but unless you have what ancestral recipe or have formed a certain degree of reputation of the goods, or in the vast network of big red sea, your visibility than to open a store is not easy to be seen, so often found, perhaps the beginning of relatives and friends to join in, but for a long time every day. Even in your online store visit number less, which really want to buy something more to the bet…

we all know that our environment is a lot more impetuous, more and more people love the icing on the cake, but rarely in the snow to send.

reliable, reliable?

recently found a lot of people around to open the online store to part-time or full-time, and provide some original free service website, has quietly launched the online shopping service, it seems the most direct way to generate revenue, and whether to choose their own development of the site, or to the well-known electronic mall opened a family in his shop, are very easy, not to other people’s web program brought a change, is with the website provides the steps, step by step down, a shop there…

don’t know what the Internet statistics above the total number of stores, may not be easy to statistics, especially with the economic cycle changes, the number of stores in recent network also soared, and many people chose the internet shop, mainly because there is no physical store, no store the rent is not to pay the cost of utilities, a start can save a lot of cost, however, the internet shop really so easy?

what is the "credibility" team founder

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