Entrepreneurs don’t think they’re great The rebate system is the biggest bottleneck Wangzhuan forwar

a few weeks later……


1. you don’t know what you don’t know.

from my contact Wangzhuan the moment, there is a new term has been around me: "rebate". Yes, for the novice, rebate or attractive enough, after all, many people including I entered the threshold of Wangzhuan the first money is receiving rebate money. Facing myself out of the company, divorced from society, the first money I received from my own business, I think everyone is full of pleasure and achievement. However, too obsessed with rebate is the biggest bottleneck in the development of personal wangzhuan.


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CEO: "not yet, but 100 percent. We can make it. Believe me. I know all these people. I don’t have much relationship with them."."

during the past ten years of venture capital, I have discovered a very common occurrence in the industry:

today, every day I see many friends in the group complaining about not making money. I just want to say that we should take a long view and broaden our thinking. At the beginning, I looked at my master’s knife and knife every day, and then I thought I would get a few cents back. I felt very sad. I think again and again, why can’t you do it yourself? Maybe there are not enough places to study. Every day will see some experts write tutorials, really great benefit. Today, my personal sixth industry stand waiting for the record, will soon be on the line, and then come back to think of their original, and their progress has been far from a little bit.

CEO exasperation: "Gee, you have ten thousand hearts, I have a lot of backup strategies."…… I know exactly what I’m doing."

investors: "dude, if any of the possibility of failure exists in the X project plan, if it does not let us down, so make sure you have a backup plan for B, C, D, Z,

Investor: "buddy, how’s our X project going? Are we sure we can accomplish it,

maybe you’ll say, "you’re the station owner, and you certainly have to be hired.". To have such doubts of friends, I will choose to remain silent, silence is just a question to reply, then in response for himself in the defense, I don’t have enough time to waste time, perhaps in the future I will completely withdraw from the ranks of rebate. Do Wangzhuan offline friends, why don’t you think? A rebate money how many, how many earn a month? As long as 1 line list more than one month off all the rebate. Please go and chase to a few cents a few cents, why not spend some time thinking about how to make more money? I’m afraid this is the rebate system the most direct harm to the line, all waste time on these things on the power cut off, a lot of people to earn more money. I often see a lot of friends, because a little money chasing chasing, I can understand their feelings, after all, cheated psychological, who is not good. But to the contrary, you may get a chase time, read an article, learn a higher knowledge, money and so far more than a little

CEO: "it must be." and then ignored the suggestion


CEO antsy, conceal xiunan: "Oh, well, I have a big surprise, but unfortunately, the X project in the last seconds still failed, I really need your help, let us work together to come up with alternative strategies!"

sometimes, things may be like the above example, and finally smooth through, but other times is likely to make the company facing bankruptcy risk, or lose all investors money. Therefore, for entrepreneurs, there are some must understand the dry hard truth:

Investor: Well, uh…….. Well, I know what you’re saying, but the longer things drag on before you sign the document, the more likely the user is to change, because they might opt out, and the market could turn…… You should really get things settle down, or from other things starting to promote, you must ensure that there is a strong backup to be able to make you successful landing. I mean, if you need me to make an introduction, I can do it right now."

personally, and novice, do Wangzhuan are commissionable start. However, 5-6 received a rebate, I began to feel that if I just stared at the rebate so little money, I never go beyond my line, line 20 line, I can only take 20 of the money is not 100% rebate; I will never make a breakthrough; forever to earn more money. I do not remember any day, I quit, as the assembly line to the Commission, and I have higher demands on myself. So far, the returned Commission is no more than 5 yuan. How big you are, and how far you will go. I have always believed that everyone wants to make more money, but money must not be earned this way.

don’t confuse the depth of one thing with everything you know. I have seen many entrepreneurs because they think they are smart enough and so far in any field into the success, so they think business is Practice makes perfect. even in don’t understand, also can apply the existing experience. Honestly, people generally think that doing business to business skills and executive ability is a common sense, there is not a skill ability, so for people who have outstanding achievements in business people are not so respected. This idea is completely wrong, because anyone who has really practiced it will understand it. But life is always like this, if you never

again in a few weeks……

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