Seven points to note for investigating money makingXinhua PO into the countdown the issue price of

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3, is age important,

1, what career should I choose,

prospectus shows that in 2012-2014, Xinhua achieved revenue of 330 million yuan, 460 million yuan and 630 million yuan, net profit of 130 million yuan, 160 million yuan and 188 million yuan.

although the Xinhua net is getting closer and closer to IPO, it is not smooth as compared with the people’s daily.

following the "official first" listed, xinhuanet to enter the capital market news has attracted much attention, or on the way to becoming the "second media reform of state shares".

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and will begin the purchase on October 18th, the purchase code named "732888", the purchase limit of 20 thousand shares, the issue price of 27.69 yuan / share, the total issue of 51 million 900 thousand shares.

since 2010, in accordance with the requirements of the Central Committee and the Xinhua news agency party group deployed, Xinhua cultural institutions to the Internet cultural enterprise transformation, the implementation of enterprise operation. Until April 2011, xinhuanet was the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation, the Central Propaganda Department and other three departments jointly identified as the transformation of cultural enterprises, which is an important step towards the market.

reports, January 2013, xinhuanet first appeared in the Commission pending business list, IPO application has been accepted, was once given xinhuanet market price earnings ratio of 17.04 times.

Xinhua equity structure

xinhuanet or on the way to becoming the official media reform "second shares".

survey is well known for making money, and I like it that way. Why? It’s simple: easy money. Go to the mail box or visit the website every day to see if there are any research projects. However, some people can receive a lot of research, earn hundreds of dollars a month, and some people can not earn a few dollars a month. Why is that? I summed up the following seven points:

reportedly, Xinhua Shanghai IPO issue price at 27.69 yuan per share, intends to raise net capital of 1 billion 380 million yuan.


Xinhua profits are four major sources: network advertising business, information service business, website construction and technical services business, mobile Internet business. Among them, the advertising business as the main source of income, 2012-2014 years, respectively, Xinhua contributed 182 million, 290 million, 348 million.

‘s reality is that women have more opportunities to do research than men. Because in addition to some men and women can do the project, the investigation of the female group, like cosmetics, many of these do not choose men to do. Surveys of exclusive men are rare. So, when you do a questionnaire, look at the name of the questionnaire. If it’s about women, just fill in a woman even if you’re a male, or you’ll be screened out.

According to

when you register for a research website or do research projects, you are given a career choice. A novice may not know, survey companies do not want their peers to do the investigation, so you do not choose the investigation, or advertising company, as long as you choose the investigation related to the industry, you must investigate the number received little or no. Even your family doesn’t do it.

6, pay attention to the "other" option.


on September 23rd this evening, the China Securities Regulatory Commission website announcement, Xinhua first application was approved, will be issued at the Shanghai Stock Exchange in the near future.

5, are you a man or a woman,

network advertising business revenue accounted for the total, Xinhua 2012 -2014, respectively, 55.19%, 63.67%, 54.96%, decreased significantly. Show that its business operations are increasingly diversified.

and your company registered survey will let you fill in this. You know young people today is not what the purchasing power, when choosing to do a market survey of some big companies when the crowd is to have a certain purchasing power, if you were too small to direct it by out. Now Wangzhuan industry generally believe that the 40-60 age groups by questionnaire with high probability a point 265 Wangzhuan coalition did the slightest ambiguity, we refer to. It’s like selling a car and never selling it to a college student.

everyone knows that this is not necessary to fill in the real information, the investigation company can not verify your information, so this place as long as you do not fill in too far off the mark, there will be no problem. But the question is, what would you do if you filled out the 1000-2000 meeting? What’s the use of finding a survey without purchasing power? The ultimate purpose of the investigation is to push the sales. So do not fill too low, I feel about 8000 of monthly income, more reasonable, not less than 5000, this everyone understand.


2, how much is your monthly income,

there are many questionnaires that have this option, such as asking you to choose your city of residence, Beijing, Shanghai… And other, if you choose "other", it is basically screened out

update >

as a result of 2013 new shares were halted, from January 2013 after more than 1 years, Xinhua IPO long-term shutdown in the state, until June 27, 2014, Xinhua just appeared again in the IPO pre disclosure list.


4, you must have the decision-making power of family purchasing, this is self-evident.

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