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also gave me a lot of emotion at that time. Leaving E city heart, there is a kind of anger component: I am an investor, is it more reliable? So there is angel bay. But because I have been working on this road, I still have a dream of starting a business. Do I have to start my business some day?

lead: Pang Xiaowei: in our little angel investment stage, the failure rate is very high, you love entrepreneurs — but love is his failure, your love is a loss, you love is embarrassed, your love is painful.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

– this concept has turned upside down for me. Angel Bay is the third time I start, I made my first United business network, now is the China retail industry’s largest portal. The second time I started doing "E city", this project took me 5 years. Very hard, and very hard, but because the equity is too scattered and so on, then the founding team has left. You are very careful, very want to do this thing, and finally you left is very uncomfortable, painful – so my white hair, it was a memorial at that time.

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I’ve got one thing to think about this year, and I think it’s interesting – we have a sharing activity in the bay of angels. A colleague mentioned a book named "root Tao Guo" editor’s note: "Tao root fruit: meditation method and sequence of" Yong Ming Ren T.T.P. to?? a – "when I heard these three words the fruit", suddenly triggered my own to ask me where is the root? I is more suitable for

Internet venture capital center outside the city of Beijing, a group of start-up companies are venture capitalists, media focus, quietly rooted. Behind the investors, institutions are low-key, "radical" cutting-edge products, with the identity of entrepreneurs, "adventure" type follow-up, and in different occasions to express its logic and ideas.

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people who know me know that I is a gentle, peaceful people, the lack of entrepreneurs that aggressive and domineering or murderous. I also have a hobby, that is, to write some poetry, so many years has been writing. Poetry can make people very sensitive and sentimental. Of course, it is not the teacher Wang Gongquan

The angel investment institutions "

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night internal sharing after I suddenly realized that I do not tangle on whether I want to be a great entrepreneur, I do not tangle in that I can make a listed company, but realized that I was not a good investor, can not become a great investors? Why night listening to this thing after feeling a lot of


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from Hangzhou bay", in the day before at the fifth Demo Day shows its investment, and foreign investment institutions, individual and team products company. Angel Bay’s founding partner, Pang Xiaowei, expressed the value of his investment and his team’s Quest –

angel investment?

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