Examples of how to imitate someone else’s bid to make moneyBusiness less than 1 years listed on the

if you are interested in bidding, you can 752567990, communicate with each other about ww>

but mostly 90, but they still make unremitting efforts, day and night, continuous channel integration of upstream and downstream resources, innovation network marketing tools, network marketing solutions for our customers to provide customized value.

So !

in the future, take advantage of new media will also to visualize a set of modular and standardization of procedures of the whole network marketing system, rely on the strong executive team and a new minimally invasive tool, looking for opportunities in the field of vertical segments in the professional ability of the upgrade and business model innovation, with more extreme professional the technology and services, open the new era of network marketing, to win customers recognition.

CEO, a new media company in, is also a member of the 1990s, saying: "Shenzhen is a city of charm, both opportunities and risks.". The founder of the new media is a good opportunity to grasp the "Internet business, network marketing in the enterprise marketing strategy in value more and more" opportunities, in September 2016 the flow, set up a "Shenzhen homeopathic new media" such a network marketing network promotion service company, to provide full network marketing for the masses to solve plan.

2 uses search engine optimization techniques to capture their keywords while occupying their search engine traffic.

3, a product, as long as the beginning of promotion, then there must be someone to Taobao search.

method, is to go directly to the Taobao search for similar products, the price of 10 yuan, and then talk about OEM processing, where the processing for hundreds of bags, to OEM in your name and packaging. This approach is definitely profitable, and the idea is to copy the already advertised pages instead of the product.

4, imitate each other’s products, but the product to complete procedures, and then design advertising pages, in the form of profitable projects to promote, so that more people to promote their own.


in recent years, 90 because of its "self proclaimed, the pursuit of innovation" maverick personality and widely criticized by the public. However, there is a group of 90, they in Shenzhen this competition are not only a successful listing is a myth, with a new idea of "network marketing" to seize the market quickly! Successfully enter the new era of network marketing

in the future, homeopathy, new media will also be >

in addition to grasp the Internet opportunities, homeopathy New Media Co., Ltd.’s success is inseparable from the team’s cooperation and the company’s entire network marketing technology innovation. Take advantage of new media limited company has a number of years of network marketing experience of the young 90 teams, although mostly 90, but they still make unremitting efforts, day and night, continuous channel integration of upstream and downstream resources, innovation network marketing tools, network marketing solutions for our customers to provide customized value.

this is a group of 90 fresh meat after the success of the story of entrepreneurship, but also a 90 years of development of the strongest voice, they firmly believe that the sun and Jin, homeopathy and Xiang, opportunities for those who are prepared. In the next 3-6 months, the homeopathy of small partners will also make full efforts to build modular, standardized, process of "one-stop" network marketing system". They’re ready, what about you,

2, they advertise so well, then everyone will search the product on the search engine.

then I can make a web page, and then I’ll brush my wife and cigarettes with this keyword, brush it to the first place, and then sell someone else’s products. This is called rape keyword, that is, other people do advertising, we use other people’s advertising frequency of search, to exceed their keywords, so as to achieve possession of their search engine traffic purposes.

1, imitate its products, imitate its advertising pages, its promotion form.

4, you can search for, chewing gum, and found a lot of doing this OME processing, and then you can find its own OEM production, and then make advertising pages, directly sell profitable projects.


so, such a group of awesome 90, their success is accidental or inevitable? According to the story, the little meat is the main force in the new team is homeopathy media limited. Take advantage of new media Co. Ltd. was established in September 2016 to July 3, 2017 in the "new four Board formally, in less than a year, to complete the listing of myth.

then I can go to OEM and sell a lot cheaper than him, and wait for someone else’s search on Taobao. Because these products are conceptual products, they themselves are imitation of others, so you let him go to pursue you, he is not in the mood.

1, since they invest in bidding, illustrates the point, present their advertising pages taken to promote the bidding is profitable, because their cost should be 10 yuan, and the profit of more than 500 yuan / piece. If we have similar products, and completely imitate their advertising page and advertising language, just for the product of the case, it must have the same effect.

today I take tobacco partner for example say about how to extend the others in our bidding, Sogou advertising alliance, have seen a product called tobacco partner, selling price more than 600, the expert inside and take a look at the name is PS, they are not what registered company, just a person to engage in.


3, the use of Taobao for low-cost transfer, occupation of their Taobao market.

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