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two, website theme keyword selection. You can consider a keyword is popular and don’t know what you can bring much traffic, can go to the index guidelines in the INDEX.BAIDU.COM queries every day, it is just for your custom website keyword query reference, because many keywords because the flow amount is too large or many uncertain factors by Baidu official website to shield the query.

one, the choice of procedures. First we need to know whether your space to support PHP and MYSQL, for now the search engine if you need long-term operation of the site, using FSO to generate ASP and AC database has been unable to meet, the site must be a long process, here I recommend using PHP and MYSQL database, the program can choose DEDECMS, not this program has become a tool to deny many webmaster website, simple to use the background operation mode, program structure perfect, stable operation to meet the 100 thousand IP website about.

radio, the traditional form of media, is gaining new life with the popularity of smart phones. The problem is, in the market is not mature, the profit model is not clear now, these all entrepreneurs, how long can

hot market, has let this mobile phone around the voice of rivers and lakes increasingly turbulent. Since 2012, Jin>

, on the other hand, has a strong appeal to advertisers and brands for background accurate user data analysis through user listening. Now, as technology matures, the voice market is increasingly being watched by advertisers and brands, and a large number of enterprises are beginning to try to advertise on mobile stations.

the first A5 like to put a small request, please in each approved post allowed a hypertext link address, this is very important!!! Because A5 is the webmaster information publishing platform, many sites will be reproduced, and the webmaster to publish their own experience? The minimum return is perhaps a little a hyperlink!!! Here, I’m not saying the soft, but the real webmaster experience.

this is perhaps a microcosm of the current commercial logic of the mobile radio market.

three, service is king. A page to create a flow of 100 thousand IP, you will have a sense of accomplishment? Don’t be too proud, because you forgot the original idea of the site, that is to provide a valuable service for users! Sense of achievement and satisfaction from your friends pay, we must go to the free service users, helping them get what they need the content, let them have a crush on your website or even love. So, IP don’t take it too seriously. Choose the right location and crowd position. Stick to it and you’ll succeed.

four, the promotion of a few small tricks. I am very much disapprove of the large area to Blog links, please do not Huyou spider, or you will be blocked by search engines, domain name outweigh the benefits. I still prefer to honestly do their own content, through the establishment of their own blog, friends propaganda, forums, propaganda and even soft text will bring benefits to your website. However, once again like A5 to put a small request, please in each approved post allowed a hypertext link address, this is very important!!! Because A5 is the webmaster information publishing platform, many sites will be reproduced, and the webmaster to publish their own experience? The smallest reward may be a super link!! "

Wen / Miao,

in recent years, with the popularity of smart mobile phone and mobile Internet technology, mobile radio business is quietly rising, the radio of traditional media forms, with the popularization of intelligent mobile phone is to usher in the new.

first of all, I made a theme, the theme of the Kabasiji code, the content web site, and the demo address for www.kaba520.com/. Below I choose the keyword on the website, the choice of the procedure, the way that promotes, the experience that tells me to make.


, this is not due to the failure of Jing.fm. On the contrary, after a few months’ exit from Jing.fm, customers still call Shi Kaiwen and seek deep cooperation on the Jing.fm platform, including many of the international brands such as BMW. This is obviously not a business failure and angrily turned the old script, but Shi Kaiwen realized that, by virtue of their own small team of a dozen people have been unable to win Jing.fm in the upcoming mobile radio market melee, let Jing.fm get more powerful group support through the sale of the company, has become the last thing the founder of yourself brought up the "child" can do.

, in the new studio on the 15 floor of the B block in the Apple community of Beijing, Jing.fm, founder of Shi Kaiwen, works quietly and quietly with his new kitten, Simba, every day after work. In the studio of the Bauhaus design, Kay started his fifth career. Unlike the previous four, this time Shi Kaiwen will no longer touch the sound business".

‘s media research show that while the number of people listening to the broadcast is decreasing, the percentage of people listening to the radio via mobile terminals is steadily improving. At the end of 2013, the number of the audience listening to broadcast radio listeners have accounted for 47.8% of the number of the mobile phone terminal, an increase of nearly 18% compared to 2011 year-on-year, personalized audio content provided by listening to the mobile station has become a lot of users playing on time, get up and start to sleep when the choice between. "Compared with the mobile phone with eyes, the mobile station implements a voice ‘accompanying’ state where you can continue to do what you want, and the content of your favorite voice will be with you all the time." Shi Kaiwen describes the advantages of using mobile phones to listen to content.

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