After 80 entrepreneurs 5 people 800 yuan propped up wholesale businessMaster make Wangzhuan bundled

"In the new year’s plan," the children’s captain wrote, "the continued expansion of the waters of the navigation, with the exception of the high growth of Japan, South Korea and the European market, this year’s focus will be on accelerating the entry into the US market," said

online shopping after the Spring Festival, the reporter in the online understanding of a full-time cosmetics sales team in Wuhan. In the vicinity of Chongwen book city, a set of two rooms, the wearing cuff in front of the computer, all eyes and facial expressions with the keyboard "business" big boys said, selling cosmetics is actually a physical activity. Because the owner do cosmetics wholesale business, they are both network operators and handling. "You see a box of goods, the girls moved

as a global financial tsunami in a panel "minimal helm," these children captain "not arrogant is not hungry, through the timely adjustment of marketing strategy, successfully resisted the sudden impact. This year, when their peers are still struggling to find a job or complain to their parents, they quit their jobs with a steady income and devoted themselves to their online business.

summary, really don’t hang up, call: hook and hang up the flow point of advertising for these items, you hang a day alone would not exceed 3 yuan, moreover, through these two categories, extending outward, such as: hook advertising alliance belonging to the brush flow, including shlf1314 Adsense. For instance, brush hook linkbucks site belonging to the brush flow the extension of the hook, earn more, but need technology, no technology, just want to Hang Hang, what you need to do, you can make money, it is impossible. Will you hang up, people will hang up, we all hang up, everyone one day earn millions of people engage in Wangzhuan 180., so much money from where?


motto: don’t give up easily, or you’ll be sorry.

business core member Liu Shun told reporters that the shop was originally founded a Xiyan girlfriend in college, the name "Rock Creek". Now, to devote himself to it, he has just resigned from the work of a court, full-time and Zhang and his classmates together to go all out online shop. "Don’t think that boys selling cosmetics are not professional, we have to start from the" handling "and warehouse management, cosmetics varieties, brands and basic purposes by heart".

on the use of tools to open the table, the flow of the wizard, in the past, a computer can open countless traffic elves, really cool, but now can not flow, elves do limited, a IP, >

Name: Zhang Xiyan

to enter the subject: hanging flow wizard brush linkbucks., we all know, a wizard, brush up to about 2000IP a day. Traffic wizard shows that the traffic is not all IP, including PV. Linkbucks is 2000IP $1, which is the traffic in Europe and america. If the domestic IP, to deduct 9/10, and can only be left 1/10, that is, 20 thousand IP1 U. S. dollars, but the people who have done know, linkbucks or will buckle a little traffic, and calculate that is 25 thousand IP=1 U. S. dollars. Flow wizard, in fact, an average of about 500 a day, IP can brush to the linkbucks address. Sometimes, more, sometimes less.

"he was my primary and junior high school classmate. He was my high school classmate, she was my schoolmate, then she was my girlfriend’s high school classmate, and one of my high school classmates went to deliver the goods…… There are 5 of us, 3 boys, 2 girls. We are Wuhan, we know from the "student", now do poineering work together".

! There are many online ?"

from 800 yuan of investment online shop selling Korean cosmetics began, Liu Shunbian to Zhang Xiyan as a "lift"". As the business grew larger, he had more and more goods to carry. Online small profits, but also physical strength

today, I’m talking about the hang brush flow, but not ordinary brush flow method, as we all know, the most profitable online is: flow. Traffic can be used to do everything. No traffic, you play what play

age: 23 years old,

is such a calculation, 1 spirits to open one day most also around $0.01–0.02. This is the theoretical average, because the flow wizard brush IP, sometimes more, and sometimes less. Do you think you make very little money, huh?. No hurry, look down slowly.

a group of only children in Wuhan, the average age of 22.5 years. 4 years ago, when one of the girls tried to start an online shop with a $800 investment, their business went out of hand. Now, through the way students recruit students, they assemble into a team. Started by 800 yuan, they accumulated rolling funds amounted to 500 thousand yuan, the monthly income of 10000 yuan. In the last year’s financial crisis, as a result of the "instantaneous" devaluation of foreign exchange, their direct loss of an ordinary order is as high as 5000.

hang up point ads: Gold bubbles and so on

today, have occupied the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan liar to earn money in the half of the country, the Internet is really difficult, especially beginners, and beginner most easily deceived, and especially those who hang on to earn 180 love, oh. Nothing to do, hang up, and help them publicity, a day can earn 180., sounds very attractive! Ha ha. Unfortunately, they lie to those who cannot resist the temptation. Also help people everywhere publicity, hanging day earn 180. yuan of good projects, I do not know because you, how many novices?. Khan!

position: Beijing Xingyuan in biological science and Technology Co Ltd Wuhan Office Manager

hook flow: sardines, little pioneer and so on more than 20.


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