He was 8 years old to collect cow dung and fried fritters junior high school education has become a

Abstract: when Cai Wensheng was not finished, he began dropping out of school, selling groceries from the street stalls to selling pirated CD tapes, and then even went to Southeast Asia to sell clothes and make cement. Rich social experience trained Cai Wensheng’s strong commercial sense of smell and insight, and also made him accumulate the first wealth.

if the plan goes well, IPO will undoubtedly become a strong investment in Cai Wensheng’s resume. So why is Cai Wensheng so forced to look around?.

as a grassroots cock wire counter attack representative, Cai Wensheng’s background is not gorgeous.


in Wangzhuan industry, rapid and effective to make money for the novice is especially important, because beginners often need is the kind of success motivation, in the eyes of the novice, even ten times their efforts in exchange for just 1, advertising revenue of 2 yuan, would have been for a novice because they think, overwhelmed with joy. And their efforts have paid off, even out of proportion, but it is a starting point. With a starting point, hope will be in front, so as to constantly guide their success.

one, a keen eye,

the last two days has been from the big news, "for Meitu Xiu Xiu listed on the HKEx, valuation or over 30 billion

1999, Cai Wensheng began to enter the stock market, took all her to buy 300 thousand of PCCW, only rose 20% in the whole stock market era, instant capital doubled, 30 changing about 1000000 completed primitive accumulation.

but if a novice just started from the website started from scratch, learning programming, website, buy a domain name, space, management, promotion…… Wait a minute, wait, I don’t think it will be possible without years of discipline. It is estimated that the novice has already died on the road, has not yet started, has been exhausted, at the starting point, the front can not see hope. So, the official Shuer has always advocated to learn from the beginner, first started to make money fast! Must first give yourself some benefit, keep motivated

as a top angel investor, Cai Wensheng had already cast 58 city, storm group and other heavyweight companies. There are also 2 listed companies investing in Hong Kong stocks. they are flying technology, wandering holdings, is the most famous game company, flying fish on behalf of the game is "defend the radish", but people watching is not very familiar.

I know many people when first engage in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan have had a similar experience, more than once abandoned, since the site since the traffic do not go up, almost only investment buy domain name, space, change site, have never seen the money back, the final result is to give up all the web site to try. But after a period of time, he found that the website hung over a Taobao customer links had bring their own 3 yuan commission! Is this 3 yuan Commission, so he found, so this really can earn money, so he back up, and change strategies. In Taobao customers, his website transformation into now "Taobao mall" www.53721.cn after all, it is not easy to here for him at AD ^_^, now, although he didn’t earn much, but at least a few hundred dollars a month income, also is to be satisfied for a Wangzhuan novice, at least a month will be able to the spatial domain, the money back.

poor life forged the first feature of Cai Wensheng.

if it wasn’t for the Commission of 3 yuan, I think the friend would be dead fish on the beach. So, Shuer always believe that "fast to see gains, is very important to establish the new higher confidence".

!"Meitu Xiu Xiu

in the yen value what is a world legend brother will not say, today a Pa Pa is the boss of Meitu Xiu Xiu, "Yan value world" brother Cai Wensheng.

1970 Cai Wensheng was born in Shishi, a rural family. Parents are no door: mother is a great lady, 60s will have its own luxury cruise". The father is a poor 31 year old, and there are 8 brothers and sisters at home. From the poor to the old Cai Wensheng, 6 year old began to work together with their parents, rice, 8 year old began selling Deep-Fried Dough Sticks in the street, selling popsicle.

succeed stocks he did not go on fighting, in the year after the chance to see the business domain name has sold $7 million 500 thousand in business news, feel Cai Wensheng decisively to buy a computer, start crazy registered domain name. This time, Cai Wensheng directly registered more than more than 100 thousand domain names, with a total valuation of more than 100 million U. S. dollars.


6 years old rice, fried dough sticks 8 years old

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Cai Wensheng, a senior, did not finish school, began to drop out of work, selling commodities from the stall, to sell pirated CD tapes, and later went to Southeast Asia to sell clothes, cement. Rich social experience trained Cai Wensheng’s strong commercial sense of smell and insight, and also made him accumulate the first wealth.

of course, fast money does not mean that the impetuous, does not mean that sustainable development can be ignored! Just let their money fast to quickly enter the role in fast Wangzhuan, make money at the same time, you should continue to accumulate knowledge and technology, until the end of the mature! You gradually have confidence, ideas mature time the mentality of more and more robust, you can consider a sustainable Wangzhuan! Next time, Shuer officer together with everybody discussion.

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