Huang Jianqiao how to open shop can not loseYiqifa CPS experience activities

can not lose

may have friends will say I will speak too, but in fact these are very necessary, for you in the shop emphasis too much attention to decision, although you can not guarantee success, but do not pay attention to the success of the probability is almost zero. The shop as a career to do, to burn the spirit, left posterior N, to find a good job has been after the failure of the retreat is now on the cause of the biggest blow, so you no longer put all our energy, no longer dare to invest in New was not accounted for what advantage under the condition of disadvantage is more prominent, all you must believe in your ability and the potential of the industry, awesome to do;


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2,   September all join the new owners, in time, as long as the CPS performance are presented, must be with your LOGO Mug a general sponsor.

activity time: September 1st – September 30th

in packet network 20 months really great changes, we use 20 thousand yuan in start-up funding to create the domestic first-class bags wholesale website, 2001 sales target of 10 million yuan, Sina, Tencent reported. Formal navigation; diggs included station; annual sales of nearly 4 million Tencent; authentication trusted sites; independent Amazon brands; distributors over 2000, marks our 20 months of efforts were not in vain. Even so, I still can’t guarantee who will do it. I can make a profit without paying for it. I need to go through several essential aspects:

The development of The success of

Spring Festival holiday is over, and returned to the normal working state and rhythm of life. Maybe I have some success is perhaps the e-commerce environment is mature or both, many classmates and friends during the Spring Festival to open shop interested, hope I can give some help and, even the villagers said only 2 hours to let me teach him how to shop promise not to lose.

‘s network results from our attention to the image of the package network. We can put the interests behind the brand image, all of which take the image of the network as the most important, and the long-term value is huge. Any person to determine a shop name, some shops maintain interests despise image and reputation, customers, buyers to store satisfaction as the highest pursuit of the shop management deeply into your life that entrepreneurs need to recognize.

how to open shop can not can not lose, can not do any business can not lose, do business investment, "investment risk" is the everlasting truth, so.

brand image

1,   September, all new franchise webmaster, in the active period, CPS sales of the top three of the station, each reward cash 3000 yuan, 2000 yuan, 1000 yuan.

activities details:


activity theme: CPS experience month

importance degree

必必普      个性定制马克杯 (不限个数)        
小熊商城     纽 曼512M MP4 (1个)       
小熊商城     天诺思512M MP3 (2个)          
2688         Zippo (2个)                              
2688   >

3,   September all join the new owners, in time, as long as the CPS performance, regardless of how many sales, have the opportunity to receive a total value of nearly million yuan prize, the prize giving way to generate sales from all sites were randomly selected, the prize list as follows:

himself to be interested in the network, interested in sales and management, it is important to me, for I am now working very interested, interested in the job will be very happy, this is the most important factor in all aspects of the necessary. The process of open shop is also learning, facing from the normalization and subdivision rules to expand basic knowledge and skills to promote later and after the management work is a need to continue learning, only interest is the most lasting power, and it is a necessary condition for the success of

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