Driven by giants independent mobile reading entrepreneurs life and death robberyTips for choosing a

, according to friends, there is a little well-known mobile Internet startups broke the capital chain, wages can not be sent, because the target is not expected, VC do not want to invest more money. No profit model, no income, rely on VC to invest money to feed, this way of life must be fragile.

1, if this alliance group, but it is the best, can enter the group members observe response, or add customer service chat, do not rush to conclusions, at one or two weeks, you can know the basic quality of the alliance. This is the most accurate. For example, today a friend complained too point × if you enter into this alliance, alliance group to speak, see every day is the webmaster appeal for payment of the money, then this is the union of fools know not to do, so the friends into the group in advance if investigation is good. For example, when ×, union, into the group, no one speak, very quiet, there is a problem directly with the customer service private chat solution, it is obvious that this alliance has done. Those who do not speak are quietly making money.

2, in the online search alliance name + + cheat or refuse, if a lot of negative news, do not do as early as possible. No one is bored with who can not live with, there are so many negative news, this alliance must be a problem. This is a commonsense knowledge. Of course, there are also individual cases. Some people make money and refuse to let others know it. There are also some people who deliberately say something bad about the alliance.

was driven by the giant mobile reading

a few years ago, just when the rise of mobile Internet, two-dimensional code, LBS, mobile social networking is the three field of entrepreneurship, the head of the result? With the traditional Internet giant to join, independent entrepreneurs are not better than it, many are almost OVER.

is now independent reading products mainly APP, can be roughly divided into three categories: one is the mobile reading class APP, such as multi view; two is the information platform of APP, such as tie off, fruit network; three is an information aggregation APP, such as today’s headlines.

5, in the highly competitive ad keyword search page, to find the alliance. For example, DELL computer, we all know that DELL computer applications have a certain difficulty, not every station are approved

some time ago, the two Sino US business mentor Li Kaifu and Blanke dialogue and exchanges, have pointed out that entrepreneurship should not coincide with the project of large companies; should not only focus on products, business models are more important. And now the mobile reading field is not facing the problem, but in not yet climate, the big company on the initiative to paste up, "be" coincidence. And profit model, each may feel that there is a huge scale of users, profit models will naturally, at least advertise.

4, humbly ask an experienced webmaster. Do this, do not love to share, the league’s project is limited, in a new multi points out a cake, especially the really good income but no one goes to the alliance, he said how good. So, with experienced predecessors do a good job relations, maybe he inadvertently revealed to you, your opportunity came.


mobile reading class APP, begins with a powerful royal literature, the three major telecom company’s mobile reading base, Amazon and other giants after pressing, and joined the Jingdong, Dangdang, pay for profit model already exists, the Red Sea has long been a look can toss out a! How much space? From the operation strategy now, look at the similar watercress digital publishing platform direction, but also facing strong competitive pressures of this company.

, whether it’s a media platform, or a digital publishing platform, is essentially the same as providing a direct link between readers and content producers. Not just mobile books, APP, information platform classes, APP also want to profit by this model. As early as last November, fresh fruit network released from the operating platform, said the content of the operation and management rights returned to the content of copyright, in fact, is the media platform. In March this year, tie CEO Leeson and said April will push the media

3, joining the affiliate site to see the quality of his proxy ad. If the advertising quality of the agent is poor, this alliance must be very poor. Because of the quality of advertisers, advertising, but also pay attention to their brand reputation, will not just look for garbage union to put on. For example, publicity × and, go in, the first to see is the mobile phone Qie listening device advertising, such alliances do not do anything worth mentioning, he even this kind of illegal ads are dare to put, you still afraid he dare not hang you?. Too garbage Union, best not to do, and now the Internet into the Olympic hard hitting period, lingpag× flow first × these × × × × edge of things, do not touch. Do these things, conscience.

advertising alliance common several hundred, domestic and foreign many is, for inexperienced novice, choose alliance is a very headache thing. Before joining the alliance, we must fully investigate, so as not to waste resources and energy, and finally drop a hard work. Vagaa networks make money today by recommending several options for online ad League skills.


I think the next step will be an independent mobile reading startups. Similar to the above reasons, the traditional Internet giants to join, quickly control the advantages of users, channels and brands, to independent mobile reading APP leave limited space. More importantly, the giants have relatively stable sources of revenue, energy sources continue to provide financial support for mobile new business, the possibility of weaning is relatively small.

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