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in addition, I found many friends do the site, put it there no longer management, wait for sh419 included, but later flow. In fact, this is not what way for action. I think that the guest can be divided into two aspects: first, the operation is SEO in this direction, if SEO super cow words that can flow through sh419 and every month there will be a steady income. Second, is proactive to promote publicity, this is faster money, but relatively tired, but if mastered the skills, but also to make money quickly, and even better than the SEO operation is still higher. I know a guest friend, he is completely rely on the promotion to the operation of the day can bring tens of thousands of directional flow, and the conversion rate is high.

first, if it is to operate through the promotion of the link, the link is in failure, there are many online articles through the link will also have a good income, such as in the sh419 know ah, group where such promotion. I believe there are such cattle, but most novice friends are difficult to do it. Even if a large number of links are made, income is scarce, and links may fail. But if it is a website, we only need to advertise the website when we advertise. As long as you have been working on the website, the link will not expire. If the link in the website is invalid, you can change it manually. Coupled with SEO well done, it will bring many targeted high-quality traffic from the search engine. This is the link promotion far beyond comparison.

in fact, Taobao customers do not have some friends imagine so difficult, making money is actually very easy. Just do two things: spend more thought and have certain execution. Many of my friends and my advice about how to do Amoy promotion. When I asked some of them after I found that now most guest friends are the website operation. By promoting links to do very little. Here we recommend through the website to do guest, do a station also is not difficult. Buy a space and a domain name, and then find a program to upload it. Through the website of the Tao do have the following advantages:

according to the Qing group’s private equity statistics, in 2016 China’s M & a market completed 3105 transactions, compared to 2009, China’s M & a market completed a total of only 294 transactions.

"China has long been the largest fund in the world," said Xiong Xiaoge, chairman of IDG global capital

I have four opinions about entrepreneurship itself.

cannot be venture into a dead end, lost again mentality;

is another point, do not be too superstitious Amoy website API station, and dynamic station. A station I just do is all static, sh419 is not much, because so few pages, have been included. To remember a point, and not included in the volume of traffic on the high, this is a misunderstanding. If the ranking does not go, the flow can never be high. In fact, there is no need for automatic updates or automatic collection procedures. Because links are not money

any business that doesn’t make money is a bully;

second, guest through the website, not as a single link in the website promotion, you can put a single link, can store links. The selection surface is relatively large. And in publicity is more cost-effective. Because the URL is relatively short, but the link is not the same, the link is too long, very easy to make people feel disgusted, and now many blogs or forums will block the link address, but the site will not have this trouble.

the field of venture capital to 9 times in the past can speed the development of "double" can be carried out smoothly, because capital is the accelerator. Entrepreneurs can quickly and rapidly scale trial and error, but there is also a large coffee as capital and "co pilot" division.

I was a successful entrepreneur, New Oriental is now worth $10 billion, and Alibaba now has a market capitalization of $200 billion. Therefore, entrepreneurs do not have to fear that the first venture is not successful, although failed, but later won more.

starts a fight within an entrepreneurial team, starting with a leader;

I was a successful entrepreneur, New Oriental is now worth $10 billion, and Alibaba now has a market capitalization of $200 billion. Therefore, entrepreneurs do not have to fear that the first venture is not successful, although failed, but later won more.

Yu Minhong essence quotes:

first, relax a little, the game mentality, lost again.

entrepreneurs to make clear, entrepreneurial passion and you are two different concepts. So, without losing the mentality of coming back is not good, do not pray for a success of entrepreneurship, a success is usually not done, it is a small company.


second, less talk about feelings, talk about the model, and insist on trying.

entrepreneurs do not contribute to society, they talk about feelings, there is no >

entrepreneurship less talk about feelings, talk about patterns, try to insist.

April 21st -22, 2017 Demo China Chinese innovation spring summit held at the Beijing National Convention Center, chairman of New Oriental, Hong Thai fund founding partner Yu Minhong, founding partner of Deng Feng NLVC, IDG, chairman of global capital entrepreneur chairman Xiong Xiaoge, innovation Valley founder Zhu Bo attended the summit, for ideas, innovation and entrepreneurship trend. Frequently broke verse.

1 Yu Minhong: entrepreneurship to learn Liu Bang, do not learn Xiang Yu


any dream and ideal is based on reality, can endure the unbearable reality, can bear the dream and ideal;

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