Yang Wenjian how do earn 10000 per month eightProfit analysis of watercress B2C shopping Alliance

Alexa ranked watercress at around 1500, which is a traffic flow station, but not the rich station.

how can we survive in such a chaotic market?. I have a friend who wants to do mass work. He says he can grow up because he is honest. He said that when everyone is cheating, saying 10000 mass messages to customers, in fact, only send 8000, or even 5000. Customers also have no way to textual research, even if you know, you can not take it, because customers stand in a passive position. And he honestly should give 10000 hair, 10000 hair. Honest man, the book is divided into business. By comparing nature, customers can know who is a long-term partner. IDC is the same, because the confusion of the market, customers do not believe that a IDC, but when he believes you, he is your long-term customers, and even introduce his friend to you.

long-term stable source of tourists, constantly old customers take the initiative to introduce, this is IDC make money. But I don’t like this kind of life, too much service. Whether I’m in

mentioned above, I realized the net business profit through IDC. It’s a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. The good thing is that I finally realized economic freedom, and the bad thing is that I’ve been keeping IDC’s business for a whole day. At that time, the most afraid is to hear the phone sound, or just shut the computer ready to go out, the phone rang, or is playing with friends outside, and a phone call to pull back. I feel like I’ve sold myself as a customer, and I’m ready to solve the problem. A little life, freedom is not, this is the IDC helpless.

from other linktech network marketing alliance website analysis, buyren performance in linktech network marketing is one of the best in the league, it was founded in August 2004, to the present to members of the cash back is 1034110 yuan, according to the network marketing alliance linktech average percentage of 10%, BUYREN has been established to Dangdang, excellence etc. the B2C web site to a sales volume of 10341100 yuan the Chengdu alliance to return to the membership, the average monthly sales of around 350000, I consulted linktech friends, watercress is not BUYREN good performance, tentatively watercress also by this number count, watercress was about 26 months, for Dangdang, excellence B2C website to sales is about 9100000 yuan, the sales commission is 910000 yuan, this data is already overvalued.

IDC has its own place, and has its own unique features. If you can better serve your customers, you will not have to develop new customers, the annual old kind will renew, and old customers will continue to introduce new customers to you. IDC is a very chaotic market, many IDC manufacturers in the intrigues of the deceive customers, and even some IDC with PC in a server, a virtual host management system, registered a CN and then began to sell space, when there is a client, the PC run off. This to the customer’s injury is fatal, cheated money does not matter, the key is to do a few years of standing data, there will be No.

myself, when I was doing IDC, I was deeply aware of that. One client bought my space. He was the DISCUZ forum because his database was wrong and always went wrong when moving in the forums. It’s been a problem that we haven’t solved for several days. Backup data is not less than dozens of times, and finally do not know what kind of backup, and perhaps God’s will. After that, he introduced me to two customers, and also on his website that he is the first share network sponsorship space, give us initiative to advertise. I met him the other day, and he told me that he’s been working with us and using our space.

bean is March 2005 on the line, set up 2 years and 2 months, the main profit is the use of watercress linktech network marketing alliance obtain sales commissions from Dangdang, excellence.
What watercress for such a long time from Dangdang, excellence gained much profit?

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