A grassroots rookie webmaster 2 failed to do the station experienceLet the forum hot four profitable


a website salesman gave Lao Yi "brainwashing" and introduced him four effective methods.

do is for the domain name with their own name, personal blog, do the webmaster friends first website mostly personal independence blog personal experience, because I was only used to do sales, and in the same company by sales for promotion, the company did not who knows the website of things, so these things can only rely on an individual way. Do not know what you want to do, domain name and space. At that time, the figure is cheap on Taobao, got a year more than 30 yuan of 100M Hongkong space, domain name is also made on Taobao, seems to be more than 30. These are ready to go after the website template and other drops, these are downloaded on the website drops, so that the first of their own independent blog was born. And then update the article every day, nothing to do, but also write some of their work, summed up the experience. In this way, the site ranking is OK, a month later that PR update also went to 2 I did a few months of enterprise station PR or 1 just made, the company attaches great importance to the PR. Good times don’t last long, after a month, the space problem, ask them to call that space chant attack, a few days, waiting for a few days did not sound, the space was closed, was very angry, so do the first abortion. Then the summary of this station is not to covet petty gains, 1 years, more than 30 yuan of space can be stabilized to go there.

Lao Yi is the head of a 4S store in Chengdu, a small car company in Beijing. He in the coming year do regional promotion calculations: in the two car magazine letter 2 made an advertisement is 58 thousand yuan, 36 thousand yuan is tuoshuren do half page advertisement in the newspapers on the Internet version of the car, car vertical search sites on the right side of the column ad is 1000 yuan a, if looking for information company in the online interactive marketing planning is a section of 0.8 yuan, ten thousand posts from a total of 8000 yuan, design and update including pictures and soft content.

The first site

distribution in the country


old easy to go where the information company’s field trip, a go scared him, less than 200 square meters of office, there are only 10 employees. He Jia told the old, they only do a full-time professional driver specific planning maintenance, these people for the specific division of routine inspections, text writing, picture production supervisors and technicians, the rest are part-time personnel responsible for the specific case on the floor, irrigation, maps and videos, and this kind of part-time staff have never met each other, between the identity is confidential. The way of development is the use of part-time online group or MSN exchanges, the number of monthly pay is in accordance with the thread of the hit the other side of the account, we have a set of assessment of thread content standards, A, B, C class, a class of 1 yuan, 0.5 yuan, B class C class 0.3 yuan. In addition, the company will establish a large classification of Chinese BBS database to manage these part-time staff, and these constantly thread of part-time staff requires industry span, identity is relatively complex, there are students, staff and so on. At the same time, the information in the implementation of two working days after the completion of each task post, will provide a 9 Item detailed feedback and report to the customer service, which includes information link address, sampling statistics and information release.

event avoidance: use hot topics to shift topic

who first persuaded Lao Yi to agree with the information company to "test the water" and accept new forms of advertising,

has done so long, Adsense has been to others do stand, mainly for enterprise website and promotion. In this line also made their own two websites, the empty do these 2 site failures.

first it was easy to open old pages, his agent’s new car has a lot of bad comments on the Internet, find what good to see whether first eliminate the impact of further promotion. He told Lao Yi, many new cars come out later, the forum said there are good and bad. If 10 people say is not good, the company will organize 500 people posting on popular forums that the 500 post IP address is different, the distribution in the country, the Internet time is not concentrated, so there is truth, make it easier for other users to convince.

second web sites in August last year, because at the time of sh419 alliance is very interested, hung Alliance on the company’s website keywords at all in the home, the first day hanging revenue of about 15 dollars, the enterprise is not a lot of traffic station. The question came too. Many of the ads in the Union were information about the company’s competitors, and later discovered by the manager that a fine was imposed. So there is the idea of doing their own stations, because of the experience of the last time, so very cautious about the space of the website. Because want to make sh419 alliance, so Yu name must be put on record, to this also do not understand very much, consult domain name registrar then, NND still goes to their company photograph, fill in data. Think about it, forget it, it’s so far away. Later on in the Taobao bought a ready-made record of domain name, and then to find space, no pain no gain, I think we all of the company’s website is a company with the space, so we will use them, although expensive than Taobao, but stable. The preparation work began to consider doing on the site, the site to have a purpose, especially if you intend to do the union must take into account of traffic, it is intended to be the subject of Zhengzhou rent, alas, later found to do the word is really cheating. The first few pages are 58, go to the market, people on these websites information. At first I didn’t think about it, so it began to work up. Then, every day to update the article, renting information is really not original

method: IP cast gold post

. Unfortunately, the old car easy to launch in Beijing less than half a year, there are many small problems exposed, the car door closed lax, it will rain water seepage problem is particularly serious, plus some name >

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