The website how to do the optimization of the long tail keywords


is the first choice of keywords, we all know that Shanghai dragon which is a means of network promotion, I will spend time on how to choose keywords, choose keywords for future Shanghai Longfeng optimization is very necessary, how we do not know how to choose keywords, simple to say here is the most simple login love Shanghai index page, of course you want for your products have a general understanding, the products you want to search keywords, and then select some low index, the best is within 1000, two or three on it, is the long tail keywords related products. If you want to let me spend a lot of time to do a hot target keywords, then I would rather spend the same time to do long tail keywords. First: the long tail word more easy to row up. Second: the long tail keywords bring customers into the probability of customer website products much higher than target keywords.


long tail keywords selected, now need to do is to optimize the key words, the first to start from the site of the internal optimization, internal refers to the web page, content, title, label etc.. When added to the organic content of the website keywords you choose to write up, finally is the keyword (preferably strong), plus links (also is the main anchor); the title is the best keywords content, is the best title tag in the H, such as H1, H2. There is one point to note, not all of them can be regarded as the long tail keywords bring traffic, some web content just to enrich the content of the website. A page is best to focus on a keyword, as for keywords ranking is also very beneficial. Do these is not it, the answer is no, we do is in the station optimization, and optimization to do.

simply said external optimization. External optimization is to do Links, forum hair >

said so many believe that some people still don’t know what is going on long tail keywords. For example, the main keywords for women’s taobao贵族宝贝 taobao贵族宝贝, so women’s autumn, winter women’s taobao贵族宝贝, taobao贵族宝贝 ladies called the sale and so on the long tail keywords, long tail keywords more people to dig.

in August last year, Shanghai dragon has been contact, with some long tail keywords to practice, during the encounter a lot of problems, the success of the station also many, but basically are some long tail keywords search index is low, a serious effort to do two or three months, basically ranked in the top three love Shanghai. But I think the word is too easy, does not reflect the optimization of their ability, then decided to challenge yourself, then select the one or two love Shanghai index in more than 100 thousand of the product key words to do, adhere to three months, although the main keywords did not enter the sea in the home, but a large number of long tail keywords are very good the ranking, can love to Shanghai home. The following simple to share and exchange optimization experience for me, and common progress.

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