The website of Shanghai Dragon the chain of diversification is how the layout

, a variety of

Title: where would find Rene Liu MV, so we content listed in the Rene Liu MV complete name is what the user can find the complete and tell Rene Liu Mv in the cool dog, at the same time, we provide 2013 cool dog download link anchor text, then the user will click to download.

chain positioningThe chain

we first put the common needs of users of our industry are listed, then we see what content exists blank area in our industry may be blank, but also is the user demand.

before we say is based on the analysis of the demand from the industry chain, we are also starting from the industry, if we start from the industry point of view to consider the chain than if we start from the perspective of the site itself is relatively easy to.

can solve the user’s search needs content is the valuable content, only the value of the page will be able to solve the demand, so we make a link to the page, the title must be able to participate in the keywords ranking and also meet the needs of users able to attract users to click on the link page, otherwise it is of no value the.

first we want to achieve diversity, we should be outside the chain of a positioning.

why should we say the diversity of the chain, we know what is the role of the chain, the chain is a vote, the search engine in order to prevent cheating at the same time in order to check the chain of authority, so the search engines will pay attention to the diversity of the chain, if all the sources of our chain relatively speaking, very simple, it is easy to identify the search engine for cheating, because of the single chain is easy to obtain, and the chain of diversity if we want to cheat our cost is quite high, on the contrary if our chain of diversity doing relatively well, so we vote the chain will be relatively good, today to share some of the webmaster of our various chain how to layout.

industry positioningTo improve the content of quality or the content of the layout of the

(1) user needs


For example:

(2) content of blank

we do the chain or the user needs to do after all, the demand is mainly done two requirements, the first is the contents of the current page quality requirements, in other words, a user searches for a keyword search or click on a title to a content, so the content can not solve the users to search the keywords the demand, which mainly depends on the value of content.

second is the demand correlation between quality and content page links, which means that users read the content we provide, the user will click on the link in the US in the content, if the link we offer is on the user needs, then he will click.

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