The reason of love Shanghai plucking and solving method

website cheatingThere are many methods of

cheating, such as keyword accumulation, hidden text, door leaf etc.. We must remember that cheating is not desirable. Here is not introduced one by one. A lot of Shanghai dragon see others cheating using the technique website to get good rankings, but there is no standard Shanghai dragon strategy, David’s deer, reaches a certain limit, will inevitably lead to the site was K.

5, the chain or chain by K website

recently love Shanghai this update, and a lot of K station, many stations included less, or even pull hair, website ranking is certainly a relief for the thousands of miles, some owners worry, often these days in the forum to see why will be in love with altitude in the novice webmaster webmaster have questions, instead included increase, the ranking also elevated. Do stand, are so hard, why the result is the opposite of




site is not high quality is a very important reason, a lot of websites using a collection of methods to enrich its content, this is not available, if you can not do all of the original, at least to change.

site outside the chain increases the rate of abnormal increase of the chain to smooth, not many days, and for many days in a row without one, so it is easy to let search engine doubt you cheat or included with the chain seriously out of proportion, will inevitably lead to the site was K. What is not said, see below:

many web site before the online keyword was not determined, such as on-line scale changes, this change once was enough, if you change a still feel dissatisfied, and then again I was K chance is bigger. Many novice webmaster is such, repeatedly modified to go. Lead site has been stuck in the review period, it is important that: before the line must be planned well, try not to change, even if it had to change, you have to a small range of change, change after stopping for a period of time, then a small range of change in the other part. This will not cause resentment love Shanghai. The same website will also appear to love Shanghai Mao’s situation.

2, a large collection of the

of course, if the new station included reducing suddenly also have no what can worry. But be careful, love Shanghai included reducing the reason is many, only to find the reasons for the reduction to an antidote against the disease. A brief summary of the following reasons:

can hurt you, if there is such a site, regardless of how high the PR value, must be removed in the first time. Links more, also easy problems, should always check whether some link station is K, often not normal snapshot. This link station, it is easy to cause the joint reaction when >

4, the website continued to increase too much the chain


1, the web site before the online ready keyword layout

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