The site diagnosis scheme should be analyzed from what


diagnosis. Here comes the internal structure including the site within the chain and the user experience of the website, now many websites in order to establish the internal structure of the network, the entire site and add the chain, this is very easy to have the wrong idea, the article give different keywords to add the same address, in order to improve the weight of the page. The weight and keywords within the chain, but this job is wrong, it will only distract the weight of words, so in the diagnosis of the site, the construction of the chain that must check. There are owners in order to improve the optimization of the site, to the site keywords accumulation, the accumulation process did not take into account the user’s experience, many sites are very poor in terms of user experience, this website bounce rate is very high, so in the diagnosis of the site also don’t forget the diagnosis of Web site users the user experience is king, the users of the site can be a long time operation.

Now many webmaster to

users to do diagnosis website, just make the diagnosis program, but does not give the user the actual operation, causing the site in question is a lot of factors, the webmaster to site at the time of diagnosis, may consider the site to all aspects of the problem, the owners need to end from which to diagnosis site analysis, I give you some analysis of their usual diagnostic methods:

again: diagnosis of website content. The claim that content is king webmaster know, the website wants to offer a useful value to the user, the content of the website construction is certainly unavoidable, many times the site will be content to repeat the phenomenon of website content web pages will be repeated, the search engine that is cheating on the page, this page in the process of diagnosis to observe, Google management tools can give you detect duplicate pages, for these duplicate pages, and meta tags repeat instructions are needed to optimize the. The content of the website in addition to repeat diagnosis page to view the website, the content of the original and high quality.

first web site Keywords: diagnosis. The site is the most important distribution of keywords in the web site, on the site of number density, the main keywords and long tail keywords some rank etc.. Keywords is a soul on the site, but also to diagnosis website website can have better ranking, can bring more accurate traffic and users, so it is necessary to diagnose website keywords selection is reasonable, whether the long tail keywords widely enough. For the keywords already on the site, these words have these keywords ranking, has brought the number of clicks and traffic to the site, these data can be obtained through Google Adsense administrator tools, tools to show is the key word in the website ranking, also listed in the search clicks, average ranking click rate and keywords. To diagnose these data keywords, and then further analysis, it seems that flow keywords is to a website can bring effective flow, if there is no optimization personnel need to customize the new keywords, thus further optimization.

Secondly, the internal structure of the website

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