The webmaster choose Links skill what

three, try not to the two level domain links, also do not cross link. Because everybody knows that the two level domain name weight is not high and the space is not to mention the unstable flow, also is not high. Cross trouble a little messy, not convenient to manage, probably when you don’t know your links being deleted.

do now, in the promotion of the time to first contact is Links, originally as a novice to absolutely ignorant of these fundamental can only rely on their own way, for a week, plus a lot of links but also not management, see people’s Links felt with a very good, but after a period of time to know which also has a lot of skills, not blindly, if not grasp it easily caused little effect, so to prevent this phenomenon is to learn how to exchange links, link management to make more quality promotion.

four, the other Links not too much. This is not how many people will go to pay attention, thinking only for high PR links, remember to look at their Links outbound links, most of them are more than 50, and reached more than 100 on the surface, feel very value, with low PR high PR website. In fact, even if the other PR high to your weight will not be too high, so the choice of Links when other friends of the chain don’t too high, try to keep about 40 can be.

five, but also pay attention to the site correlation. This is easy to understand, even after considering these conditions above, it is best to find relevant content sites and their exchange, no need to explain.

, look at the snapshot. We all know how important the snapshot of the site, so the snapshot must be new, if within a week has not yet reached on your website has great influence. Through the love of Shanghai snapshot can indicate a problem is the search engine on your site’s popularity, if you love your website, then your keyword ranking will be in front, so this is the first choice of Links.


two, included observation of the major search engines. In the choice of exchange to see love Shanghai and other major search engines it is normal or not. If included less special, is worth us to doubt, is not to be K, so we cannot exchange. Another point is that love Shanghai Google included two can not be too much difference. The word included rate cannot be ignored, and it included is not proportional, in addition to see included, but also included, included many not included that the high rate of.

don’t think it Everything will be fine. Links after the exchange, we must carry out regular management, we are going to talk about this problem. Sometimes some Adsense exchange chain, can be in after a time you went to see that your links being secretly deleted, so regular inspection is very important, if the website of the other side.

was the first to explore under the Links problem, has the following skills:

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