The secret of how to send the chain will not say to be deleted

three, post time selection. After their long, I found at noon and in the evening after 10 is the most.


two, the first few posts do not send any chain belt. This is a very inappropriate but very popular saying called "smoke bomb", the main purpose is to the back post with a link to do the cover, so that they can go through smoothly. A little thief ah, hope that the forum administrators form hate me, because I have no hate. Feel shy, imperceptibly and wilful back.

said the hair of the chain, as long as do not estimate the Shanghai dragon who dares to say that they did not have, because the chain construction is a very important link to external web site optimization, the quality of the chain release directly affects the progress of our work in Shanghai dragon. As with all partners, I began to contact this industry is from the chain this piece to start, there are many, the Internet can be used to send the chain platform such as forum, blog, Post Bar, favorites, B2B website catalog, quiz, library and so on, all of these can be used for we have to send the chain. Everyone wants the chain of their hard hair will always persist, but not in front of you, he was in the back cut, so the enthusiasm will fight their own work, also because the site outside the chain is not stable and affect the optimization of our work, so how to send the chain will not be deleted as we are a pressing matter of the moment. All the chain platform, the forum is undoubtedly accounted for the largest proportion, from the effect is most obvious, so today I will focus on share some tips on the forum released outside the chain, these are all I do when I first in this work summarizes the private.

here to talk about my first encounter this kind of situation is how to solve it, as long as those of a second encounter before you delete the second before him, what I do is I send you if you delete delete, then delete my post again, I also send. Yes, brother hair chain is so capricious! Well, to be honest to willful willful, after all you are in other people’s sites, the result is that even IP has been closed, this is perverse consequences, so capricious sooner or later have to repay, the reason is not to say I hope you learn. Because is not easy to find a can with the URL forum, the results also blocked IP, it is a lesson I am, The loss outweighs the gain., so don’t latecomers become the first. Then how should we correct the chain

, a chain account is best to have a period of time. You just registered a new account to send the chain is very easy to be deleted, it just came to you a couple of other people’s sites, didn’t say hello to stall in the people there, so, this perfectly logical and reasonable! New account registration do not hurry to send the chain, first of all to to do is to sign to go to a novice area, give people top posted comments about what’s a good impression, because the first impression is very important.


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