Why Google is often not open

may involve factors

why Google is often not open? People should abandon such Google? Google is not in China has come to a dead end? A few years ago, Google several times by Chinese market, the reason it’s hard to say, maybe involved in the ZZ, but no one really knows the truth behind. We can only do a show of speculation. Many people think that this is very likely to be the middle ZF harmony; as for why the harmony? Is considered to have ZZ if they steal China user information to "support Chinese" deliberately or GY; they are called no search words they do not listen to; then another, is not a gift sent to.

Internet technology elite, especially the webmaster, in the love of Shanghai and other search engines the bad situation, certainly do not want Google to leave us. Because Google search engine is the world’s most advanced technology of the search engine, when love in Shanghai in time of the text, it has begun to study the picture; when love Shanghai began to study the picture, it has deep research on video. The study of the original love Shanghai spark plan recognition, Google has already started to engage in natural links and comment spam links to identify the true even top step system of intelligent evaluation. But these Google powerful technology has been out of the China market, involving various reasons; the final Google every time do not understand and cause it to go by the mishap; sadly, the server is often a problem or in the mainland are not how the tube wall.

believes that the majority of my friends will come across such a problem: Google search engine sometimes often not open, but after a few minutes of good, for a few seconds and bad, one day frequent N. It’s urgent fury, people want to use it. But compared to the needs of users, back in Shanghai and still can not meet the love; it’s time to do? Very anxious, so the Internet searches, see some "why Google is often not open the so-called" solution "; in fact, they are suddenly leisurely, there is no real solution. Shanghai Longfeng optimization? Top masters that: want to have too difficult. Because Google may involve the following:

– 360 to www.360sh.cn original, reproduced please indicate the source.

said it was moved to Hongkong, so for some technical services on the mainland can not keep up, this is Shanghai dragon optimization top masters think there might be a bit crap. Because the Google technology now, even if sit Chang’e N moved to the moon, it is also able to service every corner of the earth. Certainly there are other secrets. Please do not guess; because Google now, as the girl’s mind: "you guess, guess do not understand"


two: Google internal injury is too serious to

For the

: Google open ZZ

three: technology can not keep up the pace of

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