The new snapshot update faster it must be optimized construction



screenshot The construction of snapshot In fact, we all know

for this navigation station building is soft in the optimization, the new owners must be careful not to have garbage outside the chain, to improve the quality of the chain to a certain program, like the A5 Adsense website in the chain investment quality is very high, as well as other investment in the platform is also good. This investment in the chain is equivalent to about one hundred of the ordinary chain, the key is that the chain effect is very good, otherwise your navigation station snapshot is not updated quickly, the site also ranked will slowly increase. I wrote an article "the new owners will use magic: make a contribution to lead the construction of the chain of original hand", mainly about the investment and make the chain much effect, the new owners must find time to write this material and engage in the investment.


of course website is to grow more comprehensive, can not relax the internal optimization webmaster. Website optimization is divided into external optimization and internal optimization, webmaster in the construction of the chain at the same time, we should pay more attention to the optimization of the site within the. Here I only mention the site within the chain, because the basic structure of the web site before the online website.


is now the type of site too much, here I will take her to the navigation station analysis, line on the website today just 3 months 22 days. We look at the screenshot:



website more and more now, especially the new site is even more so. With the search engine constantly upgrade, the new site update frequency snapshot is not high, the new owners is impatient at a loss. Of course, the update site is not only the search engine rising, the most important is the site of the optimization space, update frequency is not enough, there is no certain rules can be found here by the combination of their own business snapshot site navigation, to analyze the optimization of the construction site should pay attention to what the problem, in order to make the site snapshot the update has certain rules but also very fast.

rule set

, navigation website is not very good, it is difficult to do optimization updates. Although the navigation station construction is difficult, but as long as we have a certain regularity, a snapshot of the site will slowly update, look at the screenshots website:

The Optimization of internal

rules are made, the new owners can according to their actual situation, to determine the specific time to update the website optimization, no matter how busy the website optimization updates in place. For a long time, love Shanghai, the search engine will according to your website optimization update rule, content capture, snapshot update, in the days after the search engine will remember this rule, according to the law to visit your website. It is very important to formulate rules so the development of the website, like navigation optimization I have a certain regularity at all, is every afternoon into the construction of the chain, every Wednesday a vote in writing.

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