Keywords Shanghai Longfeng website optimization competition analysis

2. from the search results to see the keywords competition degree is the keyword search information. When we search for a keyword, the search engine will display the relevant search results, changes in the number of search results is very large, the different search will produce different search results. Of course, the more the number of search results, the greater the degree of competition; on the other hand, the competition degree is small. The degree of competition may refer to the following data: the search results less than 500 thousand: belong to the competition of smaller; search results: 50-100 million belongs to the average small; search results: to belong to medium; 100-300 million 300-500 million: search results on the middle part of the search results; by 5 million: belong to difficult words. Of course, how different is difficult to keywords in the cost of each one has its own merits.

according to the number of love Shanghai bidding website also can well determine the keywords competition degree. Of course, the search results.

SERP Search Engine Results Page English, also is the search engine search page. The number of SERP, can judge the keywords very intuitive competition. In the observation of SERP, need to pay attention to the following two aspects:


from 1. pages ranking number of keywords to see competition. We need to determine the search results page the first page or three page number is home, how much is the website page. Of course, if the results of SERP showed that within the pages of search results more, then it means that the degree of competition is relatively low; and the front page of the search results more, the degree of competition keywords is relatively high.

second, keywords layout

First, the number of

for keyword optimization of Shanghai dragon Er, analysis the degree of competition is a basic skill for keywords. Keywords analysis of the degree of difficulty is the main index to evaluate the difficulty of the operation of the project, is the clear site structure adjustment parameters, is clearly the main factors keywords layout ideas, is the main reference for the operation of the project plan. Since the foundation of the site optimization as keyword analysis, then I will combine my keywords optimization project from three aspects to discuss keywords competition degree analysis content and matters needing attention, hope that we can help.

third, love Shanghai bidding

is engaged in website optimization students understand, keywords competition degree is higher, the keyword keyword layout position when the front keywords appear frequency is also higher. In the search keywords, if you find a competitor’s site title contains keywords is relatively concentrated, and the position of the front, but also in the title appeared two times, so the word of the competition is relatively large; if the keywords scattered layout, and is based on word segmentation, keyword combination form, which shows the competition this keyword is not high.

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