Long tail keywords a bridge between users and website

long tail narrow profit cycle

is the demand, so easy to get some traffic, and the conversion rate is higher. Everyone says Shanghai dragon worked more slowly, but on the contrary, the long tail effect is faster. Probably after an article you will soon be released not included, and have good ranking. In addition, because it is for users to write the words, so the conversion rate is high, may eventually realize part of the profits, this website has been a virtuous cycle of development.

The needs of users of The relies on the link.

is the long tail keywords people will search the types of words, with the development of the Internet, many users in the search information are gradually showing the trend of the long tail, there are also many sentences or phrases will appear. And these words and sentences on behalf of the user really need to retrieve information, our website needs to provide services, but more needs to let the user know that our service exists, so the long tail can solve this problem, it is a kind of bridge, the supply and demand docking needs of users and web sites.

, here probably sum up a few points, one is the use of tools, such as love, the weight of inquiry on its website, this time there will be a lot of rankings and flow; two is the use of love Shanghai related search, an extension of a word query, can get groups of similar but the long tail word different; three of their own understanding and judgment according to the impression, also to sort out a number of quality of long tail keywords.


long tail keywords arrangement requires a rational layout, the general case is included in the page title, because the title of the weight is relatively high, can give good rankings. If the flow is slightly and slightly difficult long tail words, can also place a few more anchor links in the channel page or home page, this is very favorable for ranking.

1, first of all is to find the long tail of

to do a few steps of the long tail word:

in the chain of power is to transfer the weight, increase included, thus the side effects of ranking and traffic. There is not completely the phenomenon of many sites, using the chain can let spiders crawl on the reasonable, not only increases the included, but also can increase the site.

2, reasonable arrangements in place of

keyword is a topic that many webmaster every day to discuss, but also the very heart of Shanghai dragon optimization step. Because the optimization of a ranking of the website keywords can Everfount bring traffic, and the cost is very small. But on the other hand, keywords because competition is difficult, the conversion rate is not high enough, so many owners are beginning to turn to another direction, that is the optimization of long tail keywords. I think, a bridge between the user and the website is the long tail keywords. Following from several aspects to talk about my understanding of the long tail, please paizhuan.

3, ranking

long tail reaction

There are many methods for the long tail of

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