Do you need to optimize the status of foreign trade in Shanghai dragon industry understanding

status three: Shanghai dragon foreign service price gap is big. At home and abroad, there are many consulting platform claiming to provide optimal service, the platform with a price advantage, great influence attracted some users. For some credible Shanghai dragon company, company of the service price is little. Some small, irregular companies can do a keyword in the publicity services such as a few hundred dollars, but the authentic Shanghai dragon company will do hundreds of thousands of projects. So I suggest that there is a demand for foreign friends in Shanghai Longfeng optimization services as much as possible to choose some optimization company Shanghai dragon’s reputation good, don’t he.

in today’s Shanghai Longfeng mainstream market, Shanghai dragon company wants to expand their business scope, and the foreign trade of Shanghai Longfeng business has become the focus of the competition of Shanghai dragon company. In fact, the foreign trade of Shanghai Longfeng business is not difficult to operate, the key is more analysis and understanding of the status of foreign to Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon company, really know what is foreign Shanghai dragon market demand, it can get more Shanghai dragon market. Today, Xiaobian situation abroad Shanghai dragon, some of the key analysis to Shanghai dragon Er to do.

: a situation in foreign Shanghai Longfeng optimization industry, white hat Shanghai Longfeng dominant way. Compared with the domestic and foreign trade of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon in Shanghai Longfeng white hat optimization above occupying a dominant position. Whether it is the search engine itself, or web design companies or customers, they have to Shanghai Longfeng right understanding. However, the white hat Shanghai dragon ER are in private is not necessarily so exclusive black hat Shanghai dragon and cheating, because they do not hold back also secretly use black cap means. But basically on the table, everybody is in advocate white hat Shanghai Dragon technology, so the entire Shanghai dragon industry atmosphere is healthy.

status four: foreign Shanghai dragon and the business diversification, service tends to be fine. Many foreign companies in Shanghai Longfeng explore diversified business actively, build their own e-commerce sites, this change is a very important strategic direction, the company invested in this energy is greater than 30%, so that it can be approached more Shanghai dragon business. Some experts and Shanghai Longfeng company focused on doing a Shanghai dragon, for example to do keyword research, specifically link establishment, special writing, their business more and more refined, on one side.

status two: foreign Shanghai dragon on the high-end market gives more favored. According to the analysis of Shanghai Longfeng expert: Shanghai dragon on the market mainly Shanghai Longfeng people and companies, rarely do low-end projects, such as pure exchange links. The more famous Shanghai dragon company, will provide consulting service mainly, when necessary, will provide a set of services, including consulting, writing, keyword research, modify page construction, establish a link, etc..

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