For the novice webmaster reference increase in traffic can be done

Links is endowed with great love in Shanghai, still remember the rain through the Links deception, the Shanghai dragon the keyword ranking to the first, only more than the Shanghai Phoenix Forum, which caused a stir. The search engine that a site link to another site, this site is for trust. So the day through QQ group or Links exchange website to find associated with their regular website, so insist, every exchange 2-3, until Links to 30 or so, and then replace the high quality chain. Links not only improve the site PR effect, and enhance the anchor text ranking function, otherwise there will be so many people keen to buy link behavior.

Shanghai dragon ER

, insist on website content update

two, the Links exchange

the main pursuit of quality, not quantity. And outside chain construction platform is also very common, is nothing more than Wikipedia, ask, these four types of blog and forum. Take the quiz platform, the author puts forward the relevant keywords through the site, then another account replied with links, of course, the man who answered the best not just one person. The forum, I also do not belong to the family of irrigation, because it is too tiring, and the chain of low quality and easy to be deleted. The forum is the basic content of the post is issued, such as the post of this type. Here is some information about that, ask the SOSO link to jump has been so long, in weight transfer as before is no longer outstanding, but it can still bring visitors to the site every day is stable. Love Shanghai SOSO know and ask if this quiz platform has too much, will link the deleted phenomenon "

The weight of

three, high qualityThe construction of the chain


The construction of the chain of

as our basic, every day on the background of the traffic problems, we hope to be able to let the doings of real traffic sites soared. So often envy those who have tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of expert, even millions of traffic. We are very curious what they are by means of optimizing, in order to have such an enviable flow? With the slowly understanding of Shanghai dragon, and for the optimization of the site, the author finally has a 10000 IP traffic site. But the very ordinary optimization methods, we have enclosed the website screenshot that soared:

site traffic to the long tail keywords based, then we need to a large number of web content is included in it, so the site must adhere to update. The original article, occasionally supplemented by or for the original acquisition. The number of daily update is in a certain range, there is not much change, of course, if the site every day to update the original content very much is the best, such as the A5 site, such as the author of the village affairs site.

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