As a webmaster do you do for Shanghai dragon

we know a successful Shanghai dragon Er are not only stereotypes of his success with his one or more highlights. In the face of competition and pressure increasing, if we only know they copy the experience of others, then we will fall behind others.

in the face of changing the search engine algorithm, our website ranking may not stop or even drop a lot of volatility. Then we need to master good quality in the heart and compression ability, and can continue to understand the causes of learning leads to the decline in ranking, do analysis and improvement.

four: with the spirit of innovation.

two: diligence is the premise of the success of the Shanghai dragon.

: familiar with a programming language


a month ago, I think Shanghai dragon is very simple, is to write articles, send the chain. At least I don’t like programming so boring, but with the Shanghai Phoenix Contact for more than a month, it was discovered that the idea is naive, in fact, do Shanghai, there are many things to learn, so how to judge it is appropriate to do Shanghai dragon? I think there are a few main points.

home network (www.spark18贵族宝贝)

ER as the Shanghai dragon every day the update and send the chain like homely food. Only a long stick will have a good effect, if you are fishing for three days, two days or so, take a detour! This is not suitable for.

three: good psychological quality.

five: learn to analyze and summarize the

asp| PHP | JSP as |, master HTML and flexible application. This is also an essential condition of a station. In fact, writing this article is originated from today in the group asked what is the root directory of the site, it was suddenly feeling.

in this process in the Shanghai dragon, will face a lot of success and failure, and we have to do is to sum up their experience from the success or failure experience. I believe that only their own experience is the most suitable for their own.


of course, I do not think that we must have the above requirements to start Shanghai dragon, in fact, have a lot of experience in practice are summarized, as long as we are a people who do their own every step, then we are suitable for Shanghai dragon.

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