The original really love Shanghai beloved

original, a 2/3 master mind indelible shadow, now the large webmaster may under a number of writers or copy editing, but the small and medium-sized enterprise owners or individual owners spend every day in the original soft and information on time to take one day at least half of the time, sadly, most people still do don’t care, even secretly think, write their own original text, then love Shanghai will increase included on their own websites, even can bring traffic, so as to improve their website ranking.

The most popular information

might suggest that you open your industry to love Shanghai search, you will find a lot of home has the same title site is a large number of included, if our understanding of love in Shanghai, the first title published included, behind a long row that are not original, in fact love is to encourage Shanghai reproduced, which is why love Shanghai news source the latest news webmaster want to get up in the middle of the Xinhua news agency,

so if this was true, love, treat the attitude of the original Shanghai is really like what we think of it. I think we first need to understand a concept, the Internet is a platform to share information and excellent, reprint articles can be said is a good atmosphere of the Internet, if the future of the Internet are all "pupils" written by the so-called original, so users are not meant to be accepted and be eliminated.

said many of the original are written out students? This is not to say that the editor or copy writing ability is not at home, but the observatory, the layman even then how to play in the insiders opinion is ultimately laughable. For example, mouchangqing or Lu Songsong as we all know, Shanghai is absolutely the dragon master, write out the blog information Shanghai dragon can often become the industry leader. But you let them write about medical original soft Wen Na, let them write the future trends of cosmetics and what will be the Na, there is no doubt that they are not experts in this area, even if can write out the first time, the cost is high, can hold out a week is good. Second: no matter how to write, won’t be more than a director or dean wrote more influential authority.


? Why

but in fact many of our editors haven’t mouchangqing and Lu Songsong master this ability, and we ask them to give every 10 or 20 of the original text, not to mention our writing skills worse and some personal webmaster, writing is not "primary" level. Our daily task is very simple, just copy and paste and pseudo original, because we do not write what is decent, can let many people feel very reasonable, want to know what. Moreover, pseudo original also is a bottleneck in this industry, a non person to write pseudo original, may start reluctantly, but wrote 100 or 500 articles, he will feel nothing to write, because on the surface of the wind blew all things behind, not a little professional knowledge do not blow up.

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