The highest content is provided for the user to do the content of the decision making

content is the most important point is the difficulty you don’t know what the user needs, you sometimes do not know what users love or what kind of content can solve its problems. This is a point we make the content more difficult, so the difficulty of real content or the biggest difficulty lies in this. We need to analyze the user doing content before the demand to meet the needs of users. There is a little more mysterious call, users do not know their own needs what kind of content. Want to speak a little further with you here, Jobs’s real success is what he is, one can judge the consumer demand, so as to make decisions for the user who. Jobs he has never made a market research, do not ask the user you need what kind of mobile phone users, because sometimes he had thought about this issue, or the users themselves do not want to clear this problem, sometimes really know this person would be you, because you are the most understand this industry.

web content can be said to be the most simple, but also can be said to be the most difficult. Where is that simple, difficult and difficult in where? When it comes to simple simple to copy and paste. When it comes to your difficult, difficult to scratch the scalp can not solve the problem of website content. If we can settle a web site, it can solve a big problem. Because the contents are now accounted for more and more heavy, love two times Shanghai K station is from the content began to hit. Really good website is content to do, if you look at sina, they never send outside the chain. They have the best content, reprint the content, the chain naturally. You look at those who do Taobao weight stand off, all the garbage station, because the content is copied, today to tell you where the content is difficult, just want to discuss with you the content of the website should be how to solve the problem.

, for example, in two hundred years ago.

if a website is not good, you Shanghai Dragon technology strong, the keywords ranking do up, the user into your website, they will go. So the content is a key site, the general people solve this website content estimates there are three methods, one is to copy and paste, the second is the pseudo original, third is the original. I believe that 80% of the people solve problem with these three methods, the first method is not friendly to the search engine, search engines do not always love to see a repeat of the content. Love it with the scarcity of content on the web. Second kinds of pseudo original, search engine is the most love, because many people refuse to get some can not read the content, this is completely deceiving search engine, search engine is vowed to punish. The third is the best, but also the most difficult, but at least people do. There are two reasons, first, the original content is not equal to high quality content, second original content is too big to spend time and effort. The first second will be very difficult to talk about the good, the third original? Just have some benefits in the search engine, but also need to cooperate with the following I said to be really good content.

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