Zhang Shouzhi talk about my own 21 day review period Shanghai observation period experience

2. every day, the chain can go to the forum and you web site related forum Post Bar Wen, by the way the chain with your website, try not to put your web site outside of the chain to not related to the content on your site to site. The number of the chain for the new station is not too much, otherwise love Shanghai search engine will think you cheating, causing you to extend the period of review website

each new site will face on the line after all, love Shanghai examination of the observation period, which is inevitable in every new site. When we build a good website uploaded to the site in the local server, when our website is love Shanghai included the home page, and no matter how you update the article this page doesn’t move, then you don’t worry.

know, love 4. love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia, Q & A, Q & A, soso soso Wikipedia, Interactive Encyclopedia that can use the weight of a very high place, for where your website outside the chain attract spider

is very helpful! !Journal of 10 chain

3.A5 station network, if you use good, then you can take you to the URL of the website and, through the audit will bring you a lot of the chain and browse the website, I was using A5 in stationmaster net contribute to shorten the review period of the Shanghai love! Someone to your website IP the views of many, love Shanghai will think your website’s weight is high, this post also about the amount, every day in the A5 Adsense online submission once

from April 16, 2011 to May 6, 2011 is now a total of 21 days, during which I changed the title of a lead to my website ranking drop, these are the change of the title of the results, so between the 20 day of my website is not a snapshot, but there is a home page, here I want to tell you that a new Shanghai will be the first love website your web page included in three days, and then add your website (review period) observation period, this is the most difficult time, I am now from this period survive, now I will tell you how to spend 21 days the most difficult:

1. update every day 2 to 3 of original articles to high quality requirements, the most important thing is to update the rules.

! !

these are my own experience, in this difficult period in Shanghai audit > as love

5. Sina blog, blog, blog, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent Phoenix Forum blog, forum, blog and forum webmaster forum these weight high can do outside the chain, forming a chain relationship between blog and blog, the free blog, your master link address to add to your blog for free then, updated daily reproduced some love Shanghai TOP list, Phoenix real-time information, to your blog, love Shanghai very soon to be included. And to achieve a certain degree of love will Shanghai seconds your blog! So once you master every spider may be a spider love Shanghai! The weight of your master of

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